The diary game - 29 December 2021

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Hello Steemains!!

Hope you're all doing well.
Let me tell you about my day......☺

Today I woke up at 06:30 in the morning. After getting up I followed my daily routine. Then I made tea and gave food to all the fish.



Then I cleaned the house. After that I took shower and then for breakfast I made Bread pakoda with tea and sauce.


Bread pakoda

After having breakfast my husband left for work. It is quite cold now so I made my own tea first. Then i did my studies on youtube.

I got free after doing my studies at around 3:30 in the day. After that I use the phone. I watched Crime Patrol serial on youtube. Heard that real stories are shown in it. That's why I watch this serial sometimes.


After watching the serial, I made tea for myself. Then I went to the terrace where I fed all the fish. After coming down I worshiped. At around 8 pm I prepared dinner. After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen. Then I wrote my diary. After sometime we watched TV for a while. At around 12:00, we started falling asleep and we went to sleep.

This was my activity today.
Thank you for reading my diary!! 😊

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The Bread Pakoda looks yummy and tasty. @ishti. keep posting.

Which fish are those in the first photograph? They look really good. Do add their names if possible.

#affable #india

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Yaa sure.....😊
Geophagus Red head fish

You made delicious and crunchy breakfast of bread pkoda.
And all fishes pictures are looking beautiful.


Thank you ❤