The diary game - 22 December 2021

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Hello Steemains!!

Hope you're all doing well.
Let me tell you about my day......☺

Today I woke up at 06:30 in the morning. After getting up I followed my daily routine. And today it was very cold and now the cold is getting worse day by day. So I made tea, after that I gave food to all the fish.

Then I cleaned the house. After that I took shower and then for breakfast I made Cheese chilli toast.


Cheese chilli toast

After having breakfast my husband left for work. It is quite cold now so I made my own tea first. Then i did my studies from Let's learn channel on youtube.

I got free after doing my studies at around 3:00 in the day. After that I saw the Madam sir serial on youtube. In which there was comedy too.

After watching the serial, I made tea for myself. Then I went to the terrace where I fed all the fish. After coming down I worshiped. After that I prepared dinner. For dinner, I made Egg curry, rice and roti.

images (2).jpeg

Egg curry, rice and roti

After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen. After that I wrote my diary. Then we watched TV for a while. At around 12:30, we started falling asleep and we went to sleep.

This was my activity today.
Thank you for reading my diary!! 😊

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The food is all I can see yummy😋

Thanks 😊

The cheese chilli toast is not only mouthwatering, it has been served in a stylish way.
Now a days online sources has abundance of material. Anyone can learn a lot of things. You are doing brilliant work.

Thank you so much 😊

Your breakfast looks very delicious to eat and eggs curry is my fav, keep posting.

Thanks 😊

very delicious food shared by you