The diary game - 05 December 2021

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I woke up at 6:15 in the morning. I followed my daily routine. After that I made tea and I gave food to all the fish.

images (18).jpeg

Paradise fish

images (34).jpeg

Paradise Gourami

After that I cleaned the house then I took shower. After that I made Veg pulao and raita for breakfast.

images (35).jpeg

Veg pulao with raita

After having breakfast my husband left for work and I became free. After that I did my studies for some time. In the evening we had to go to book the wedding decorations.

Yesterday it rained here, so the weather had turned cold. So around 2:00 pm I made tea. After that I took rest for some time. Around 4:00 pm my husband came back. Then we went to book the decorations.

When we saw a variety of decoration booklets, we booked the decorations that we liked. I want to show you some pictures of decorations that they showed us.

images (33).jpeg

images (31).jpeg

images (30).jpeg

We came back at around 7:00 in the evening, after that I made tea for everyone. Then I prepared dinner. After dinner, I cleaned the kitchen. Then I wrote my diary. After that we watched TV for a while. Then we started falling asleep and we went to sleep.

This was my activity today.
Thank you for reading my diary!! 😊

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I am glad to buy those colourful paradise fish,transport those beautiful paradise fishes to moon,where I and my indian soulmate breed those fishes in large on the moon and finally sold all those paradise fishes to Elon Musk in an auction sale and earned tons of dollars lastly we bring back all those tons of dollars to earth and celebrate our wedding anniversary on this planet inviting all business tycoon of the world :-);I hope you will be a witness to the all our deals.

Yuppp and thanks 😊

Veg pulao with raita look delicious. Amazing post from your side @ishti

Thanks 😊

You made delicious veg pulao with raita is just delicious combination. And fishes pictures also looking beautiful @ishti.


Thank you ❤

Is that paradise gourami fish? They are super beautiful and worth keeping in the aquarium. I wish to keep them some day.

#affable #india

Yes it is.... Thank you 😊