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hello friends, wish u all a very happie dushhera, today another day of festival in india,Dusshera is my favourite festival because it is beginning of all the other festivals. I would like to share how and why we celebrate dussehra, it is also known as Vijayadashami. This festival signifies The Victory of Good over Evil Lord Ram defeated the evil named as ravana(ten face demon) who is the king of sri lanka. It shows us the importance of truth and righteousness, which means truth wins over lies, light over darkness, good over bad. dashamai denoted by the word “Ten” and is followed by a nine-day festival, Navratri n today is tenth day of navtra. In india different state having different n own royal way to celebrate every festival. Dussehra in Bengal and other states celebrated for different reason, devotees says goodbye to Maa Durga but only to welcome Maa Kaali and maa laxmi and celebrate Diwali just after two weeks.

So how i started my day on dusshera, my mom woke me up early in the morning, holding a silver fish dipped in curds, the first thing to see on the propitious day for favorable times ahead. As it is lucky sight first thing on dussehra.


Even on this special day small boys from villages brought auspicious fish in the jars from the ponds as it is considered good sight, in return get the collection of coins as reward for their exertion.But unfortunately i was not able to click their picture.


The bird inside the cage is called as nilkanth or indian roller is considered as representative of lord shiva on earth. As lord rama defeated ravana after seeing this bird. Seeing this bird signifies the prosperity, goodness, happiness, fruitful and auspicious begins.


The man roam with cage all around the city, to door to door , shop to shop to show the lucky bird to everyone so that everyone get blessed, in return he collects good amount of money as reward of exertion. on the next day he free the bird from the cage.


The most common tradition associated with Dussehra remains the worship of weapons, instruments and even pens and registers are kept in front of god that are considered a means to fight injustice. This worship is different from common day worship ,draw nine 10 circle with a paste of turmeric,flour and put balls of cow dungs n put a flower on it.


Uttar ka ghoda, Dakshin ka neer
Paschim ka varda, Purav ka cheer

The eldest member of the family With the new pens on new register wrote the above lines and make swatik with kumkum as it is the auspicious in every worship we do.

Some glimpse of todays festival






Thankyou so much @bestofindia giving us the wonderful opportunity to share about our culture n Ritual to the world.

Hope you all like my culture, festivals and it's rituals, let me know it comment session how you all celebrate dussehra in your region.

lots of love from🇮🇳🙏

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