Contest October#1 | Best of India | My Favorite Festival

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India is a land of festivals, where people of different religions come together in peace. The variety of interesting festivals celebrated in India is a true reflection of its rich culture and traditions. While many festivals take place throughout the year, October to January is the time when the country can look its best.

India is one country where all religion and society celebrate their traditions. There are Indian festivals that are intelligent, religious, and intellectual. Therefore, every day is a new celebration in this country. You also enjoy the many Gazette holidays that give you the opportunity to plan a trip around the country.


Contest Topic

Due to covid situation, we all know that we have faced many restrictions for the celebration of various festivals but it looks like the situation is somehow under control and we have some flexibility to celebrate our festivals.

So, we want to know from our community members what you think about your favorite festival, what is your favorite festival, why do you like it and how you celebrate it, what are the philosophy behind your favorite festival, how your favorite festival come into existence (history) and all you want to share we will appreciate.


Contest Rules

So, there are some strict rules for this contest to follow:

  • You have to post this contest on the "Best of India" Community.
  • The title of your post will be: "Best of India Contest | My Favorite Festival"
  • Post must contain at least 300 words.
  • You have to set 10% beneficiary for @bestofindia community to strengthen the community.
  • You have to upvote, resteem this post.
  • You tags must include #bio-oct in your first 5 tags with #bestofindia #steemexclusive #contest #india #festival
  • We are against plagiarism so be unique and original.
  • Minimum 3 photos of your favorite festival must be included and we will prefer your own taken photos else mention the proper source.
  • You have to reply below this post with your entry post link. also share your post link to any of your social media accounts using #steemit and @steemit and share the screenshot below in the comment.


Comply with the Basic Structure of a Post

Basic Structure of a Post--

  • Proper formatting
  • Captioning the image
  • Specifying location(if any)
  • Proper alignment of the Images.
  • Consistent styling techniques
  • Emphasizing text (wherever needed)

Useful Resources to maintain the Basic Structure of a Post--


Contest Duration

This contest will start today and will end on 16 October 2021 at 11:59 IST. (Indian Standard Time).


Contest Prize

We will select the top 5 entries from the contest participants that have followed all the rules and who have covered the contest topic very well. We will also consider the quality of post and effectiveness, uniqueness, layout, and markdown styles, photos included, way of presentation, detailing, maintaining the Basic structure of a Post, etc.

Winner RankPrize
1st Place Winner10
2nd Place Winner7
3rd Place Winner4
4th Place Winner3
5th Place Winner2

In addition, all the eligible posts will receive BOI votes and up to a max of 30% votes from Steemcurator07. We will also select few posts for Booming support. All eligible content will receive upvotes from BOI.

We are eagerly waiting for your participation. So, grab this opportunity. Steem On...

Thank you.



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I already have shared the post link on Twitter. Snapshot is attached below for reference. @bestofindia

Looking forward to posting my content here.Thank you #BOI for such good contest.

great contest coming in the festival season.

Happy to see contest in bestofindia once again. Soon i will take part in it.

Keep taking photos of Rabul Awal ,,,confrences

I will definitely participate in this great contest.

Great contest. Will surely better the engagement level many folds. Good work team #Boi

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It's an amazing contest and festival season is just started in India so members have great opportunity to participate.

Amazing contest I am also participate in this contest. Thank to @bestofindia

Thank you @bestofindia to provide us such a great platform to represent our culture, traditions and our great festivals.
I will surely participate in this amaging contest.

Dear Best of India Community,

Please find my contest entry as given below.

Ramlila Play Characters | Source

I have followed the required rules and also set 10% beneficial to @bestofindia.

Thank you for this amazing contest and you have organized it in a right time when our major festivals are going to start in next 1 month.


Great contest was launched, we could see numerous festival pics in these posts

My favorite festival is Eid and I love Navratri. I love playing dandiya.


You have to set 10% beneficiary for @bestofindia community to strengthen the community.
How to set it? Do I have to mention it or I have to do any settings?

Before posting, you will see Advance Setting option above post button.

You have to click on Add Beneficial account, add percentage 10% and user name bestofindia (without @ sign)



Hi @bestofindia
Here is my post link for the bestofindia contest👇
Shared on my facebook profile

Still waiting for the result of the previous contest "Favourite TV show", if the result is declared, please share the link. Thanks!

We are sorry for the delay. We will announce and distribute the reward tomorrow.

We appreciate your patience.

Thank you.

wow amazing contest

Is it open for all Indian languages or the post must be in English, as nothing is mention about this in the rules?

Any language, but make sure it is translatable using Google Translate or DeepL.

Thank you.

This is great initiative taken by the admin it will help more people to know about steemit Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Hi @bestofindia,
Please find the below link of my participation post in "My favorite festival contest " in best of india. I have tried to follow all the required elements.

We will be glad to participate in such an amazing contest.
Thank you @bestofindia

Hello @bestofindia, below is my entry to contest.

It's an amazing contest, I really loved to participate : )

My post link

Hello @bestofindia here is my entry and a screenshot. I made the post to Twitter


hello everyone
my contest post link is here

I don't know how to take a screenshot my brother is also not here to help so I've put the image and I hope I followed every rule. thank you


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Good day
my entry link



My link


Set 10% to @bestofindia


This contest for only those from India

here is my entry to the best of India contest

Hi @bestofindia,
Please find the below link of my participation post in "My favorite festival contest " in best of india. I have tried to follow all the required elements.
Best of India Contest : My Favourite Festival: Chhat puja


Hello @sapwood , @bestofindia
I have followed the proper format of diary as applicable for @booming support, still i am not getting vote despite of my many posts .

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

You have only produced 7 posts in the last three weeks in BOI.

Be consistent, engage with others, we will definitely consider you for Booming support.

Thank you.

Thank you for describe me,

Hi @bestofindia
When is the contest result to be declared?


Hi @sapwood
Is the result postponed for long time?

Wait for 2 more days.

Hi sir! 🤭

aaj milega...already bana rhe hai list...raat ko milega thik hai...

Sorry for the delay.

😄🤓 Okay , thank you sir!

Hello @sapwood , @bestofindia
I have followed the proper format of diary as applicable for @booming support, still i am not getting vote despite of my many posts and i post my achivement 2 post but it did'nt verified.