Best of India Contest | Your favorite Anime | Open for everyone | 30 STEEM Prize pool

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Hello everyone, Here is the new contest for the First Month of New year 2022.

We know it's been a while since we posted a contest in our community but we are back now.

This contests theme is pretty interesting it's all about "Your Favorite anime".


As we know still many countries are under lockdown Because of the pandemic, Many of us spend so much time on mobile devices or TV to entertain ourselves since we are restricted to stay inside houses.

easy rules and Guidelines for contest.

  • Contest theme is "Your favorite anime"

  • This contest is open for everyone.

  • This contest will run for a period of 7 days.

  • Describe your fav anime in the best possible way.

  • you can also set @bestofindia as beneficiary ( Not compulsory)

  • Make a post Using #boianimecontest

  • Only one entry per user.

  • Make sure that you post your entry in Best of India community

  • Participants following all the rules and guidelines will have higher chances of winning.

  • Posts should be your own original work, any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest immediately.


Prize Pool

For this contest we are keeping a prize pool of 30 STEEM which will be shared between the 3 winners.

Rank 1 - 15 STEEM
Rank 2 - 10 STEEM
Rank 3- 5 STEEM


Quick delegation links:



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    Tell me, why should we trust BOI again? Do you think that by just sending steem to delegators, you are done.

    I think, it is better to explain the reason for previous attempt to betray the people so that people may regain their faith in BOI.

    Sometimes things are very much complicated and unavoidable.

    Nothing would justify such a grave mistake. Just because community was run by few people, conflict with one came as a mental storm to you and make you commit such a blunder that is difficult to rectify. I would suggest to seek participation of other people in administration to relieve you off some Responsibilities and avoid commuting such blunders in future. May you be able to regain the faith of betrayed users.

    Already there are various people in the administration team. Everyone has got their delegation rewards like we always promised 100% curation rewards.

    I. Would only say don't judge anything without knowing All the facts. There was something unavoidable which lead to unforseen circumstances.

    If we had to run a way why would we start paying delegation rewards pending from sept.
    Total curation rewards sent from sept to Dec are around 2700 STEEM. We are still here just as before.

    I'm not here to debate with anyone about it. It was past and everything is fine right now just like before.

    I. Would only say don't judge anything without knowing All the facts. There was something unavoidable which lead to unforseen circumstances.

    It would have been better to have explained the so called unavoidable circumstances and sought community suggestions. Now, don't try to justify murder here.

    If we had to run a way why would we start paying delegation rewards pending from sept.

    Decisions taken in hurry are always regrettable

    'm not here to debate with anyone about it.

    I am not interested in debating with anyone but as a conscious user I will have to raise my voice against something wrong going on or something that happened in past.



    Great. Thank you for participating. Good luck.

    Thanku #boi.

    I appreciate the josh again, keep it up

    I would love to participate in this one #boi


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    Looking forward to participating in the contest Thank you for the contest #boi

    Great waiting for your entry..

    Hoorey i participate in this contest. Thanks for @bestofindia.

    That's great team @boi it's a general phenomenon before every peak there's a downfall come,we would roar again. Josh has bounced back I would request everyone to make participation to a higher than high level.Lets resteem this more and more to make it successful.
    Namaste 🙏🏼😊

    Greetings and thank you for this awesome contest. Here is my entry: Hope everybody enjoy it.

    Thank you for organizing this contest!!!! I'm so happy we got to share our favourite anime!!! Thankful to #BestofIndiafl for such amazing contest!!!

    Request you all to take a glance using the link below:

    Hi there. Here is my contest entry. I hope I am not too late pleaseeeeee

    Team boi
    Please have a review on my favo Anime contest entry link below

    Thanks 😊