What bestofindia members should do in these tough days.

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Hello everyone hope you all are fine and safe. As we all know that the @bestofindia start powering down his all steem power few weeks ago. Also we see some of mods have resign from their work in past weeks. Also there happen lot of things in our community i think that should not happen. Due to these reasons we as well as bestofindia face lot of problem's like people start moving to other communities , start cancelling their delegations and members didn't able to earn that much rewards that we are earning before that. Bestofindia lot lot of active users as well as some good mods. I short these past few weeks was not either good for bestofindia admins as well as for its members.


Now in my opinion what we should do in these tough days is big question in our minds.

We know ups and down came to every one's life i think same happens with the admins of our community that forces them to power down some steem as we see today they have finally cancel the power down. These things can happen to everyone community.

Now our work is not quite the community and shift to other community nor we have to cancel our delegations to our community. We should help our community in these tough time. We should not quit but hold strong in these tough days of community. I believe we will see our community rising soon if we work together and help our admins.

I hope our admins will bring updates regarding the future plans and many more.

THANKS For Reading

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you are right @alexcarlos but they should post related to what happened and why they are powering down. the MODs and ADMIN are not active at all. Even I have cancelled my delegation until everything shorted out with understandable reason. @alexcarlos

Yes they should make a detailed post regarding what is happening and what are future plans