Club75- The Diary game -10 January 2021 - First snowfall

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Hello everyone hope you all are fine and safe. Today i am going to write my one more diary post. So let's start. Today i wake up early in the morning at 7 am i was at rawalpora where i cousin lives. I went there before few days. I went to washroom where i wash my face and took brush on my teeths. I then done some religious activities which i am doing on daily basis . After that i spend some inside the blanket was it was vary cold outside and snow was everywhere.



After that i went to kitchen where i drink the tea with the bread. I then spend some time on my phone. I play few games of pubg and chess. I also check some lastest news regarding coronavirus. As we all know coronavirus is once again effecting india badly. Today one again i read bad news as all education institutes have been closed once again.

After that i start giving online class once again. Today i gave only one class. I then take lunch today in lunch i take rice with cheese. I then went to check wheather the road is closed or cleaned. I found road is clear so i decide to go gadapora where my one more cousin lives. I start walking on foot. I reach there at night.


At night i with my cousin went to market where i buy some bread and chicken. We then eat chicken with rice. I then talk with my relatives for sometime. Then i went to bedroom where i start playing with my phone. I first check the situation of market where i found red all over. Then i shift to steemit and start writing my diary post.


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great diary thank you for sharing your day even in such snowfall and cold


The best combination of chicken and rice, @alexcarlos. hope you enjoyed it. keep posting.