Weekly Delegation Reward Distribution - Week 1.

in hive-196038 •  6 months ago 


As we promised, we are going to distribute delegation rewards for our delegators(min. 500sp). Last week, We got around 25 SP as our curation reward. We have distributed 80% of the curation reward this week.

1@boss755,512.7646.67 STEEM
2@tarpan3,065.7953.70 STEEM
3@toufiq7772,005.7192.42 STEEM
4@sohanurrahman1,502.5781.83 STEEM
5@saany1,356.8811.65 STEEM
6@zero-to-infinity1,082.2011.30 STEEM
7@abuahmad1,003.2971.21 STEEM
8@sandysparkle502.5410.61 STEEM
9@archerr500.5890.61 STEEM
  • You can delegate any amount of steem power to @steemitinland account at the moment.

50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP
1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP

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