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For your convenience, a new community has been established. Here on steemit platform, there are a good number of high-quality content providers. This community is created in order to properly evaluate their material.

Every week, there will be a variety of contests on diverse themes. For contestants, there will be high-quality reward polls. You may share your material with people all around the world.

The following are some of the community systems that are discussed:

Community Objectives:

All of the content makers will be together in one place. This community is for Steemit bloggers from all over the world to share their experiences, skill sets, life hacks/tricks, discoveries, and creative arts that they believe will benefit humanity and their surroundings. Furthermore, this community will serve as a platform for all users to showcase their skills.

How the community works:

I'll review your high-quality material. There will always be many contests in the community relating to various themes. There will be a reward system in place for contestants. Any form of content may be shared.


Our delegators will receive additional advantages. As a result, delegating your idle sp to us would be beneficial to you. You can delegate in our community by clicking through these links.

50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP
1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP

Join With us

Discord Server

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I hope it grows @steemitinland

Sure. Together we will grow more

I hope it grows and I also wants to know how to be a verified member in this community.

We don't have that types of rules. We encourage you to be accomplished achievements in the newcomers community.

If that's d case then it's already done.

Best of luck.... @steemitinland