Important Announcement : Updated Community Rules !!!

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What a great journey we are having so far!!! This community was opened about 1 month ago. The growth of the community in this 1 month is incredible. The statistics of last 30 days are summarized below.
Curation Account@steemitinland
Active Poster79
Total Posts350+
Total Delegation15,593 SP


  • We are trying to provide voting support to the qualified authors in our community. Our aim is to become a self-sustained community. To fulfill our aim, we need support from you. So, we are inviting everyone to support the community account with your maximum delegations.

  • Last month, we tried to support maximum authors with generous upvotes. But we noticed that they are delegating to another community or whale by powering up their liquid steem. So, we have decided to prioritize the delegator's post first. If VP is available then, we will try to curate the rest.

  • You can delegate any amount of steem power to @steemitinland account at the moment. We are also planning to distribute delegation rewards to the delegators. Detailed post is coming soon.

50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP
1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP


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Great Decision to enrich the community profile.

Great move 👏

Its a very nice one, Therefore we move

Very helpful and beneficial update. Together we move forward.

We always with this community 💪🚗

wow this is a very important update. united we are stronger

Wonderful! I will do my best to gather some extra SP and delegate to you guys, I appreciate you giving chances to us content creators! Thank you!

I'm in love with this community and I will try my best to be active