Powering Up 75 Steem | It's Weekly Power UP Time

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Let's Power Up


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Hey Steemians. How are you all? Today, I'm going to share my steem powering up with you. To maintain my withdraw-power up ratio, I need to power up 75 Steem this week. So, now I'm going to power up 75 Steem to reach 6333.5 Steem Power.

The more we power up, the faster Steemit will become the "Steemit" we dream about!

Power Up Calculation

BeforePowered UpAfter
6258.5 SP75 Steem6333.5 SP

Before Powering Up



Powering Up



After Powering Up



Don't forget to participate in the #SPUD4STEEM event every 1st of the month. There is a huge prizepool waiting for the winners. I'm also sponsoring 500 SP in the prize pool to encourage all Steemians to power up. The next #SPUD4STEEM is on 01 December, 2021.

Learn more about SPUD4STEEM and its updated guidelines from here. Follow the organizer kiwiscanfly for all the latest updates of this great event.

Why Should We Power Up?

Powering up gives you more voting power, where it can also be delegated to community accounts for a good amount of weekly return. Powering up locks up Steem and thus increases the value of it. On the other hand, when you use it for voting or delegate it to community account, it helps the whole Steemit platform to grow. Lastly but most importantly, if you get a place in top 5 in #SPUD4STEEM, you will get a share of huge steem power prizepool for 21 days!

Thanks to every Steemians for their enormous support from the very beginning.

Let's power up and Make us, our community, and our Steemit stronger!

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