dtube dtc token projection ideas for content creators

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recently we just saw a pump of the DTC token, this morning it was at $0.39 this means that each DTC is worth a dollar value, people get DTC by engaging, posting videos, dtube runs on a blockchain called avalon.

Here are a few thoughts about crypto, blockchain and some potential UI or features that dtube could implement to make it easy to retain/retrain users to think maybe long term instead of swapping into other crypto.

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hahah @mvd it was totally a humblemumble :) hahahah!


I'm as surprised as you that Steem is not only beating Hive in price. Heck, I'm even surprised it didn't just die completely.

i agree, it should be just straight up dead, but it's not, i really do not like the idea of one nation, powered by little influencer leaders buying up communities and places, check out what spotify are doing, they are basically buying up whole industries right now. seems that steempunk world of having five big mega corps might actually end up happening.

Great ideas! Lots of potential to market DTube and bring in more people!

thanks! glad you could see where i was coming from. i think creators that can see their investment or the DTC doing something will be more inclined to stack more, hold onto it more and utilize it more, want to create better content (hopefully) and be more measured about their time investment if we give them great projection tools. i felt like DTC felt more REAL when i saw the uniswap market place where people are providing liquidity for trades, if we have more of those, also reaching out to great software makers, people like exodus wallet as well, i wonder if we could get into some common places and tools that people use on the daily, it's always ever been about outreach and awareness.

My comment was double posted. Looks like one to Steem and one here to DTube. I'm going to switch my account from @birdinc33 to @birdinc. Also, the voting setting on my comment was set super high... need to figure out how to fix that.

no worries, thanks for taking the time to post, i think a lot of people have the double posting message issue, so it's not just you! :)

Thanks for the video. I don't know why the hive is so low. As for the dtc tokens, you can probably print them endlessly?

i kinda see hive now as the 300 spartans, great tech, but zero compassion, it's a race to the bottom there at the moment, which is really sad. too many big whales that speak in hyperbole and use the sweat equity of the audience to gamble with.

Very nice explanation and possible forward plan for DTC (D.Tube) #Moon

Very nice explanation and possible forward plan for DTC (D.Tube) #Moon

I appreciate this video.

I am learning the ropes of DTube, cryptocurrency, Steem, Hive, and related subjects these last few days-- and I am excited.