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i’ve been a leader node for dtube for a long while now. It’s not super expensive, maybe twenty bucks a month to host a witness server but it’s still a cost and a commitment, both a little time and some earned bucks to add to an idea. The more witness nodes a system has, be it steem, hive, blurt or dtube the stronger the infrastructure of that platform becomes.

That’s the wonderful thing i love about decentralisation right, the notion that you don’t have just one attack surface vector to take down free speech, that someone can’t just aim their ion cannons at one planet and take down a nation, i love the notion of distributed, laid flat, across many points and nodes — it just makes sense right?

of course that can be used by anyone, that methodology, that approach to distributing what you believe, what you see as value and “content” — you are always gonna get someone who doesn’t like you, what you do, what you stand for, what your religion is, whatever way you wanna distort the media, you can — the notion of social graphs and social proof are fascinating things if you deep dive them.

when i first got onto a social blockchain with steem i had no idea how to ‘use’ it, i mean i didn’t really understand any of it, what was this idea of getting paid for what i post, there didn’t seem to be any sentiment analyse of what i was writing, what i was putting together, relevancy, it was just me getting little bits of digital money for my interaction with the chain, you could argue that you were getting rewarded for building TX records.

in a world where speculation and hype is as good as money in the bank, where blinks of an eye seeings millions and billions of dollars pass hands, this completely removed the infrastructure for me of what money/value of the future looked like — if robots were taking all the jobs (as they normals worry about) what would us humans end up doing? we only needed a coronavirus to see what happens to supply chains, the talk of micro grids and micro local energy generation started to become more important.

in the same way that youtube become the second biggest search engine thanks to the pass back pickup of google, i truly believe that decentralised video platforms have the opportunity to be the next generation, next wave of video sharing platforms.

that have some level of resilience against take down of video content that a creator has produced, i’m not talking about the spammy, upload as much as possible to try and game the system for money, but the actual immutable, have to get that video out there, no content strikes, a level of creative freedom to mashup and remix the world around you as you see it, bringing art and artistry to the fore again, every ideas dissolved and re-animated into a new masterpiece.

you only have to look at tiktok how micro fragmenting music and media creates an environment for creativity to take a deep breath. Of course we still get ‘grey suited media interests’ trying to then propel themselves on the top of it, because that’s where the audience is now, they are making themselves an eco system of repeaters, where people go for trend setting, where trends are set, money often flows.

the fact that dtube has a coin now that’s real, live, tradable is a big deal. You’ll get a lot of people just cashing out their airdrop straight away, happy to take a bunch of $$$ of the table and put that in something real world and fiat like — i’ve been there, done that before with both steem and hive, shows you where we are right now in many regards with the state of the world, greed and just survival, everyone is surviving something.

Personally i’ve made a pact with myself that i’ll just keep powering up blurt and dtube for at least a year, i don’t need to sell, in fact i don’t need to take any money off the table on either of these platforms, if anything i’m investing in my blockchain gaming, i’m really enjoying playing at crypto brewing on the daily — i’m finally able to put little bits of money back into these systems that people have time to build.

the old saying ‘patience’ is a virtue really hits home when you realise how fast time moves in this space, in any space right now, we’ve all been in lockdown in some state or another in areas of the world, we just saw nine months fly by in the blink of an eye, and yet, grinding away, number crunching, making the security wall harder to get over, bitcoin has been chugging away and we are still very very early in this space.

If you can imagine a world without paper money, where everything is digital, where borders can be traversed with digital tokens atomically swapped then you start to see the picture of the mad max, futures cape that we are potentially moving into at light speed.

It’s time to decide which side of the digital fence you are on and make plans accordingly, you have so much to share with the world, do you want to live in a world where we bring each other up equally or do you want to keep fighting over your five minutes of fame, it’s all up to you, we all have equal access to the new technologies of living in the future.

Cheers for Reading,

p.s — feel free to drop over to dtube and follow my channel there if you want to keep up on my videos, i hope that one love ifps supports posting to blurt too! :)

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Dtube to the Moon 🔥🔥

Dude, you're the undisputed king of green screens !!!!

i just found the sweet spot that's all :) i'd rather not be a king thou, maybe a prince, being a prince seems like a breeze :)

Welcome back!👊 We're flying to the moon!✈

We all are buddy we all are finally

It is very nice to see you again. Welcome back! :)

That's pretty exciting... I need to get back onto Dtube and start uploading more videos!