five bits of crypto blockchain value for today - hive-engine swapping, ipfs uploading, cryptobrewmaster, leasing your steem/hive and embedding lbry into blurt!

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quicklink | you can find this post not downvoted on blurt!

Ah good day to you all, it’s been a while so I thought I’d put together a little bit of crypto value today and at the same time do a video for my partner as she’s been wanting to learn how to lease out her hive crypto currency to get a good return on it, so I thought fuck it, let’s do a big crypto post with lots of real world value in it for people who do this crypto thing! ;)

It’s been an absolute age since I posted a video on steem/hive so I thought as I was making this tutorial video I’d do it with dtube, I’ve also posted a copy of this post onto my account where it will not get downvoted, the video also exists on YouTube and lbry (because I used the embed on to show that off, pretty damn sweet don’t you agree — the days of centralised platforms are going away fast!

swapping tokens on hive engine

I love the ability to token swap stuff, I can get blurt from hive and turn hive or anything else into CBM for Cryptobrewmaster - The Craft Beer Game which I’ve started playing everyday alongside drug wars, yep, I still play that because it’s a good little distraction outta the day when I’m switching energies.

The core things you need to know for the hive engine stuff is that your always gonna be sending it to some kind of account that’s gonna do the swap for you, for the blurt conversion once you have blurt swapped (see the video) you are gonna be sending the amount to BLURTLINK and then put your username as the MEMO — this then sends the funds onto you.

All in all, very easy to do, you can deposit hive, steem, bitcoin, litecoin, Eos, golos, swift, bitshares, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, telos, sand, kanda, weed. If you are gonna use any of the steem, hive, blurt dapps and games across these platforms at some point you’ll wanna do something with those tokens to be able to play or use on the daily.

uploading to steem, hive and dtube with ipfsonelove

I’ve not used this in a while because I’ve been working on my courses and enjoying summer, it’s been really crazy how the pandemic and covid-19 has changed peoples lives and it’s certainly increased the amount of work I’ve had to do as people who wanted to do live streaming, remote audience engagement and events has gone through the roof in terms of interest, 2021 is lining up to be a busy year at this point.

What’s great about ipfsonelove is that it’s got the ability to post in three different locations at once, I can post on steem, hive and dtube itself with my Avalon account (doing so might get me an upvote from their bot) — I’d love for them to build in support for blurt as well, that would be quad damage all around and at least I’d know my post would not get downvoted, killing my creative spirits! :)

Check out the video to see how easy that is to use, also by supporting the ipfsonelove guys you’ll be keeping up to date and supporting groundbreaking work that’s going on with skynet (from the Sia blockchain) and other ways that the whole decentralised video hosting community is trying to improve this for the mainstream — support those developers where you can if you want things to change.

playing cryptobrewmaster, adding funds, removing funds

clicking the CBM area on crypto brewmaster gives you the details you need to send your hive-engine token swap to CBM onto your account — from hive engine I just send to that account with the memo field of that bottom code. I did try and use the keychain as I had the tokens in CBM in my wallet but it didn’t work and showed a zero balance.

Check out the video for this section, on YouTube you can jump through to that section about the game, I quickly show you how I get CBM from swapping tokens and then how you send them into your account.

leasing out your steem/hive with

Leasing out you steem/hive is incredibly easy to do with a platform like dlease, not only does it take care of all the tracking of when things expire but it has a very simple system to activate the keychain to handle all the process of delegating out the hive and for you to get your daily payouts — if you are looking to invest and make some good returns on your crypto investment this is a great tool for that.

I’d probably not lease our my hive if I was not getting downvoted all the time thus killing my creative spirit/soul and involvement in the platform but hey if I want to support the devs of ipfsonelove I need to be able to create hive to be able to pay those guys, this way at least I can least out my hive power and make a little back each month to keep paying that little tab going to allow me to post videos decentralised right?! :)

you can now embed lbry videos AND wistia in (sweet!)

Finally today, just wanted to give you the heads up to some updates that are happening very quickly over on — it’s another fork (yes another) of the blockchain code that powers both steem and hive (and many other things at this point) but it has some key changes, one being no downvoting which is awesome for a creative who likes to be able to see the words he posted afterwards! Ha!

Blurt.World Updates — Blurt — I really happy to see this post from Ericet (who knows who these people are, just multiple ALT anon people these days) but it’s great that we now have LBRY video embedding support — I post the video on lbry as well so I’m keen to see it working over there — head over to the post there to see it working.

Also rapidly it appears that wistia iframe embeds are also supported which is freaking awesome because that means I can use some of the advanced features of that, hopefully I’ll have embedded a YouTube version, lbry version and wistia version with all the hotlines and such like you can do with that, excited to play with that more as I build out what I wish I could have done on hive.

Ah, you win some, you lose some AMIRIGHT? :)


Hope you found these five crypto tips useful today — if you are new to the steem, hive, blurt blockchain sphere or are generally interested in decentralised blockchain technology and video hosting please follow along, comment or retweet if you enjoyed this kind of 5-in-1 value content.


Stay Humble,
Stay Classy Blockchain!

LINKS - swapping tokens - decentralised video hosting - brewing on the chain - leasing out your steem/hive — lbry embeds on blurt!

Mouser xx

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