the advent calendar | 30 days of audience development of dtube on tiktok

in hive-196037 •  2 years ago 

#dtube #advent #advert #audiencedev #outreach #crypto #avalon

you gotta start somewhere right?

i did a search on tiktok and not that many people are talking about dtube at all, i think that's pretty sad so i wanna fix that and do my bit to promote a cool platform that i use to host my videos over that also allows me to hold a bag of crypto as part of the reward of being a community member there.

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. .. and yes, i know it says "advert" :) because we are advertising dtube right? :)

hey @exyle buddy, great to see you around and over here. hope we can get on a video call at some point, maybe do a streaming/live show together -- be interesting to hear what you are up to now, what you are into etc -- you playing ?

Great idea. I'm doing this #shorts thing on YT at the moment which I now think is rubbish, so I might stop haha.

hahah, not liking shorts eh? tiktok has hooked me now i'm afraid, it's kinda incredible to watch how it works on certain types of content, when i have a phone again i'll be doing them all the time but for this month i'm concentrating on dtube :)

I think any type of spreading the word is fantastic. I have yet to take the Tic Tok plunge.