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The new dtube feels way different than before.

Those that stuck around really love the idea of video, the idea of what DTC and dtube could be, gone are the wars of reward pools of steam or hive. The conversation is different now, while we still can post to those two platforms, we have our own path forged in front of us, that feels really good I have to see and has opened my eyes to what it means to be a leader node in the top ten.

I never turned my leader node off over the past year, I kept it going, I could have shut it down and left and never to return but I always enjoyed dtube, posting there, watching some of the people there, obviously the rewards, but a lot has changed now that we have a token that is fully tradable on an engage. It stands on it’s own two feet.

Feels damn good.

I love the new way that rewards works.

It’s great that I see familiar faces there.

DTC is created by real human people, sharing, voting, tagging and commenting videos on DTube. If you participate, you earn. On this page you can see a resume of all your votes and claim the associated DTC rewards. Votes can be claimed after 7 days. After a vote is claimed, it cannot earn curation rewards anymore.

I love this about the new system, that we are really focusing on the human aspect of the platform, what people enjoy will find it’s way to the top, that it is a blank canvas to us to shape as we see fit, that we can be decentralised content creators here.

It’s like year zero on youtube right now, like it was back in 2005 when it started, the first video going up just to test that the video upload could work, a simple video at a zoo.

I think eventually it’s going to increase the quality and effort that creators put in to make video content interactive, engaging, thought provoking, a place where people want to flock together to talk about life in the digital fast lane — way past talking about just green and red candles and stacking tokens. Actually real video conversations and connectedness.

I love that I can put up a piece of content that I know I’ve worked hard and long over and leave it open to keep on getting rewards instead of just short term 7 day thinking. It really shifts the needle in your mind as to what will start dialog and engagement here.

It’s also why I mentioned about leaders and the current list in the top 10, ideally those people should be from different corners of the globe, diverse, strength in diversity, be human, accessible, maybe those leaders should do some kind of weekly/fortnight video chat together, shaping what they think the platform should be, build out divisions to help with promotion or power tips of how to use the site better.

I’d also like to see dtube become a self contained thing, with many frontends and ways to access it, I’d love to see the model that is used to become your own bitcoin node like the way getumbrel does it for raspberry pi 4 owners — download a sd card and away you go.

Imagine, if you could download a ready to go raspberry pi 4 image with a copy of the dtube frontend code, some IPFS stuff and maybe direct integration with oneloveIPFS, it would blow up the user base for the techy side and hopefully bring in a few more devs in the process.

Anyway, just some thoughts for today.

(currently thinking of some kind of daily/weekly show roundup, maybe live streamed with the VOD uploaded to dtube, not sure, certainly going to be working on some assets for people to be able to make branded content for dtube)

Just currently getting back into video stuff after taking much time off enjoying (well trying to in the middle of a pandemic) some kind of summer time.

Glad to be back! :)

Humble me Along x

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I agree with you completely 👌

Couldn't agree more and good luck with your Leader responsibilities!
Just voted for you by the way :D

hey, thanks.

we need to know who we vote for a bit atleast right