screenflow 9 templates | experiments with circles/webcam

in hive-196037 •  2 years ago 

i like trying to make software do what it's not really ready to do, by that i mean that i always wanna find a way to get it to bend the knee a little. this morning i finally kinda found a 'close' to where i want it to be way of making a circle webcam template with animated background and fixed circle background, i still gotta get the animated thing more circle than oval but we are making progress.

I'll be releasing the template for "webcam" styles for screenflow9 as a template on gumroad at some point once i've put many hours into it, thus saving you hours to even try and set it up.

Upsides of getting this working is that you can save the layout as styles and apply them to all your other sources, taking a 16:9 source to 4:3 and then circle from there, which is kinda nice.

For me it means i can just literally "record" with this template and no i have all the layout as i want it, able to select all layers and move to any location on screen, even animate that if i want too.

My aim is to build a keynote, obs, screenflow asset library that people can buy from gumroad that can get you up to speed fast, saving you time -- if you are interested in this, drop me a message let's talk, especially if you want something custom making.

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