NFT’s, Decentralised Domains and Crypto Marketplaces on your TIME!

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Everyone is talking and raging about NFT’s right now, I think it’s blockchain having one of those KILLER app moment, I think the market might be overblown and it’s a bit of a FLEX with people who made BANK in the recent upswings on the prices of BTC and ETH and while I’m not sure if the same players will be around in the next few months, those who HOLD long term will probably do well with their legacy investments in their digital collectibles because they were in the first NFT wave ;)

I wanted to have a play around with the LEGACY aspect of NFT’s — I’m not talented enough to put up any ART per say, or have creative headspace to make the ideas that are in my head but I have been putting up some old legacy cinema graphs to play with the legacy aspect of a piece of digital content that’s recorded immutable on a blockchain (it was worth selling a bunch of another blockchain value to pay for the eth gas fee!)

I also tried out another blockchain and their offering for NFT’s and that worked out pretty good too, fast, cheap and easy to do once you have been whitelisted. To think that creatives and artists can reach a global audience and make a living from this stuff is incredible.

To top that this week, I took a look at decentralised domains as well, the notion of a marketplace to grab unique domain names that connect crypto accounts make the idea of paying someone so much easier than the systems we have in place today, I’m seeing a bunch of new services that just work together great with each other — the march to true decentralisation has really taken off.

The handshake blockchain/protocol is very interesting too, supported by nextdns (encrypted dns) it means you can get straight to domain names without plugins, it’s all done at DNS level which is perfect if you are a little bit savvy at setting those things up.

What I’m seeing is marketplaces all over the place, even with laborx this week, they tweeted something that might not seem so obvious — art curators, non-art makers, people who have a real world product that need to consult with someone about NFT’s are even get connected with artists, whole market place could grow there and it’s all crypto > crypto — no fiat required!

Digital value that just flows, from ART CURATOR and their business clients needs, hire a great artist (or team) pay them in crypto, put up the art on opensea, sell that collection, pay your artists for the next collection and the circle continues, value keeps going around, laborx is a perfect place for this to happen!

Are you excited about this decentralised future you yet?

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