A Bright New Day - Deering Banjo and 12 String Guitar

in hive-196037 •  2 years ago  (edited)

Here is an improvisation on my Deering Maple Blossom 5 Banjo. I just played whatever came to mind to a 4/4 120 bpm metronome then started adding drum tracks via my Roland Handsonic. The drums include cymbols, shakers, bongos, conga and some gourd shakers. I also added a marimba to act as a sort of bass tone in the background. The final track is on my Taylor 12 string with a direct signal from the piezo dot pickup into Bias Fx 2 on a really slow rotary effect with delay and reverb. While playing the 12 string I tried playing just the lighter pair of the strings to get a higher pitch sound to harmonize with the banjo.

The overall mood is positive in the major scale and kind of reminds me of the start of a brand new day with a bright sunset. Thanks for listening :-)

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