Stories in the Embers - Wood Tongue Drum, Cajon, Jaw Harp and Guitar Improvisation

in hive-196037 •  2 years ago  (edited)

Here is an improvisation that started out to a 3/4 beat on my wood tongue drum. I layered in a couple cajon track and a shaker tracks to enhance the natural wood tone of the tongue drum. I also added a jaw harp track with my jaw harp that is tuned roughly to the key of E.

This drum is basically tuned to the key of E as well so it is easy to add a standard tuned guitar with it. I started out with my Wechter acoustic tuned to ebeaeg via the capo. Towards the middle of the song I bring in my PRS hollowbody I with some ambient effects via Bias FX2.

Overall the mood of the song reminds me of people telling old stories by the campfire as the embers slowly die down.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Great stuff, love your contents,