Photovideo by redpalestino

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Hello Steemians, I've been taking some pictures lately. Usually I take photos with a plan and I play it back in front of my mind's eye. Not this time, I have cut this video out of 76 photos. Planless with a touch of chaos, which in the end results in a certain whole. The photos were taken in Bangkok, Paksè, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Phnom Penh.

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Schöne Bilderreihe mit Echtzeiteinschüben, die ich mir heute Mittag schon angeguckt habe.
Die Musik erinnert mich an Right in the Night von Jam & Spoon!

Besten Dank lieber Andy, wird Zeit das einer deiner Tracks in meine Videos einbaue.

Es wird sich ein passender Track dazu finden... ;-)

I like it. Unusual montage of many interesting tidbits. Especially the art is pretty cool. Love the contrast between old world classical guitar and the Asian vistas. Good job!

Cheers - Folker

PS: Stay safe. Bleib' gesund!

PS: Stay safe. Bleib' gesund!

Danke du aber bitte auch!

Glück für uns, Du hattest die Kamera dabei. 😎

Die Handykameras werden immer besser ;)

Great video sir. I love those 😍💕

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Thank you!

The street art, the changing colours of the Cloud and the beauty of that temple definitely stands out for me, it's a beautiful collection of photography because the way they perfectly aligned made a whole lot of amazing show. Well done I enjoyed this

Thank you :)

You're welcome sir

Sehr gut, Bangkok habe ich doch glatt erkannt :)

Liebe Grüße




Gerne und viel Glück bei alldem was im Moment passiert!

Vertraue der Macht.

Liebe Grüße aus Uruguay


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nice pic--nice voice....

Lieben Dank :)


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