The Crypto Lounge (Uncut) - Global Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Trading Community meetup

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Recorded on 16th April 2021. This is an uncut recording of The Crypto Lounge.

In this meetup we followed on and voted for winners in our NFT minting challenge. Congratulation to our 3 winners and well done on minting NFTs

After this we change the discussion to Defi and Farming. Paula demonstrated the use of on the Binance smart chain. CUB currently has Farms and Dens. Farms are dual token liquidity pools, with Dens you only need one coin. Soon to come are Kingdoms and then the Bridge. Returns are high with the likes of Polkadot DOT

At the next meetup we have a presenter with some cryptocurrency trading tips. I hope you can make it

*******Join us at a meetup*********

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Good job...👍👍👍