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Every new year we dont just see for future we see for the past to this year you dont just see the new beginning of new year 2020 we can also see the history of 1925 you can see more show from the history from public domains
Reda more about it here https://web.law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/2021/

he Famous Stuff
And now on to the blockbusters of 1925…

Books First Published in 1925
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
Der Prozess by Franz Kafka (The trial in English)
The professor’s house by Willa Cather
No more parades by Ford Madox Ford
The Thundering Herd by Zane Grey
Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis
The mother’s recompense by Edith Wharton
The writing of fiction by Edith Wharton
Christina Alberta’s father by H. G. Wells
A year of prophesying by H. G. Wells
Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso
Manhattan transfer John Dos Passos
Porgy by DuBose Heyward (became Porgy & Bess in 1935)
Gentlemen prefer blondes by Anita Loos
Movies Released in 1925
The Big parade
The Freshman (Harold Lloyd)
The Gold Rush (Charlie Chaplin)
The Lost World
Don Q Son of Zorro (douglas fairbanks)
Little Annie Rooney (mary pickford)
The Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney)
The Unholy Three (Lon Chaney)
Ben Hur (Ramon Novarro)
Curses (Fatty Arbuckle)
The Eagle (Rudolph Valentino)
Go West (Buster Keaton)
The Lady (Norma Talmadge)
The Monster (Lon Chaney)
The Plastic Age (Clara Bow)
Seven Chances (Buster Keaton)
The Wizard of Oz (Oliver Hardy)
Lady of the Night (Norma Shearer)

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