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Following our brief previous article, we have now processed to the reset of the DTube testnet. Here is a more detailed patch note:


The previous economy experiment was a limited success. Some concepts like infinite monetization and the full-liquid system are working good.

The main issue is the fact that most users do not understand how coins get printed, the DTC result of the votes seems random. A few voting-rings that understand the mechanism have been self-upvoting with multiple accounts and syphoning the testnet reward pool.

The reward mechanism are changed

Now you can claim your rewards after 7 days or wait and generate more rewards, whenever you click claim it will stop generating rewards. Also downvotes will delete rewards from the most recent upvoters (and vice versa).

You can claim rewards now after 7 days only

We added claim function and 7 day time period between rewards to give people ability to downvote and fight abuse like self-voting and voting-rings. Go to My Channel -> Rewards to claim your rewards.

If you don't claim rewards, you keep earning

You can claim your votes 7 days later, however if you don't claim, you will keep earning curation rewards for the video as long as you desire. Thus, monetization is still infinite, it's just a matter of commitment.

Curation rewards are higher in the first 7 days

This is to ensure that if some self-voting rings want to maximize rewards, they will have to vote during the 7-day lock period, and thus risk being moderated by the community.

If you want your vote to have optimal DTC output, make sure to vote videos which are between 1 and 3.5 days old.

Inflation has been greatly reduced

Inflation is similar to what will happen on the main-net now. So expect lower output in pure DTC during this last preparation phase before the main-net.

Leaders now earn rewards for each block produced

Leaders are now able to generate rewards for each produced block. It is currently set a 0.01 DTube Coins + 500 Voting Power per block.

Economy will act weird at beggining. It's normal

Since we have reset the testnet economy, and wiped all the previous votes on all the videos, the rewards will take a bit of time to stabilize to a normal level (less than 24 hours).

Final testing period

As we mentioned in the previous article this will be a final short testing period before the mainnet launch. We do not want to give a final date for the launch in order not to risk to disappoint people again. But be sure that we are doing our best to make DTC a reality in the short future, and a proper 1-week notice will be given when everything is ready.

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Need more attractable UI. Apart from UI algorithm is top! In love with Dtube

how can earan money from dtube


Hi @dtube, How come my dtube channel is still showing my DTC holdings but all my videos posted from two days ago and earlier are now showing 0 DTC?

We had to reset all votes to 0 to modify the distribution algorithm, also the past DTC distributed amounts, mostly for clarity reasons. You should still be able to re-vote on all of your videos once, if you care about the tags especially.

The same vote reset thing on videos will also happen again for the main-net launch. Then never again.

Very glad to see the useful advancements on this platform.
On my channel, I have 3 old videos uploaded to DTube in 2017 that were never able to play. They still don't play -- Is there any uncomplicated means to delete them altogether? Thank you.

If you have the original files you can upload it to IPFS and have them play again

keep it up guys 😍😍😍


Thank you for sharing, this is so helpful :)
But I want to know one thing, after redeeming the dtc's, how can be they transferred?

Hello, I can´t login to my Dtube account in the moment. Error message: Wrong private posting key. (But it´s the right key). Is this just because of updating the Dtube website etc.?

Thanks for information