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Playing with Thatch on Rankeds!

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Welcome on dtube!
"Publish self video content and get CRYPTO"

Here is advice for you:

You could introduceyourself , make a little presentation of yourself,
It is important for the dtube community.
Dtube is build for original content creators, they can be rewarded for their own content, not for reuse content.

Second thing.... if you want to begin better and earn DTUBE COIN in return, you must engage most (or all) of your VP : VOTING POWER.... it will permist you to earn DTUBE COIN in 7 days.... USE VOTING POWER !

Introduce yourself in a little video , showing the Date on a paper, showing your account "Name on DTUBE", use #originaldtuber as tag simply to prove that you are a real person, interested by dtube project and that you make your own video content


Finnaly only one video per day is great not to spamm dtube.

Maybe you need to buy DTube Coin to get VOTING POWER to get more DTC

How to buy DTC with swap BNB or others to begin better ? ->


Send CASH to Binance account -> Buy BNB (with cash) -> send BNB to metamask (warning BSC chain = Bep20) -> swap BNB to DTUBE directly from metamask -> send DTUBE from metamask (bsc chain) to DTUBE account

Hope you will read this advice... do not answer it

Quick Link to Info on DISCORD

Introduction and others

TG :

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