Eureka! Disc Golf Video 1st Post! 😁

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Hello, my name is John Botamer and I was a professional disc golf videographer from 1999-2009. I have a tremendous amount of tournament footage from 38 states. DISCAPPEAR was my company and the first to produce a disc golf DVD. I went on to produce many DVDs; however, they were easily pirated back then and I became disheartened in the project.

My passion has never changed.

I love disc golf!

Facebook was NOT the answer.

In 2018 I was hired for graphics involving BTC & DTube logos. I was fascinated with cryptocurrency but unable to launch at that time.

Since then, Covid has tripled the disc golf community and the courses are saturated with newbies. The timing is right. is my current graphics company. The RV/Studio launches with DTube and Steemit graphics on 2/22/22 with "The Year of the Deuce" tour (more to come). The mission is to interact with disc golf groups and provide free help (and Steem) for new contributors of both DTube and Steem.

I will be adding archives soon!

I will be adding Steem sooner! πŸ˜€

I am excited!


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