Freedom Is Intoxicating - D00k13 Digest 2021-11-27

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After a couple weeks trying to decide what I needed to do with myself I feel as if I can record this update with confidence of a plan for the future. Taking a bit of a chance this week by relaxing Monday to Thursday I am seeing if the courier jobs will pay enough to cover needed expenses in just 3 days. I am certain it will work out as intended but it took me 2 weeks of kicking myself a bit of a personal upset for me to finally take the plunge.

This video I discuss a little about where I was, where I am and where I hope to be. Just a talk at the waterfront on a rainy morning while taking a break from said courier job. Already having made 1/3 of what I need for the day before 9am you can guess what I decided to do before clocking back in.

Hopefully next week in this series I will talk a little more about the projects I am working on. Discuss the things from the One Love Community and also for DTube as a leader of the platform. One thing you can expect to see more of is DTube specific news and me figuring out how to convert the One Love Studios into a value 4 value system. Some thing you on YouTube can expect to see less of is these kinds of vlogs. (PS not the last YouTube linked video but it will be the last vlog I post to YouTube)

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That's It, @d00k13 Out!!!

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