Some charity and goodness should also be done in such a way that only God is the witness. Dtube lifetalk

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Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead..
If there was no fear of the invisible force that controls the entire universe, surely people would have become unexpectedly intransigent. Immorality would have been at its peak. You must have noticed that whenever there is a flood situation, there is a famine or any other reason, then whatever donation or help people provide, they spread the publicity on social media fiercely. While it should not be so. Some charity and goodness should be secret, whose only witness is God. There should be no pretense at all. Remember, our goodness never goes in vain, we definitely get it back in some form or the other. On the contrary, if we do the wrong thing, no matter how secretly, it does not take much time to become public. This is the essence of life, the one who understands it, his fleet is beyond.
Have a nice day..

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