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Functional Requirements


1. Daily Post Generator
Scrapped idea. We only need posts coming up when there is activity. That is simple enough. I just use the same logic used for the sfr-mod-fund report generation which checks when the last post was and generates if > 24 hrs.

2. Any @hive-dr mentions created comments under the daily post which essentially constitutes an abuse report for action.

This still needs to be done. We discussed the possibility of stealth reporting using HBD / Hive transfer memos since @hive-engine apparently lacks encryption capability per my fellow dev @reazuliqbal.


    1 HDR tentative requirement to be locked up to prevent frivolous reporting. Upon approval of report (authorized user leaves approval comment AND report exceeds minimum Hive Technical Unit payout threshold approximately 0.02 HBB), half goes to power further operations and half goes to the reporter via beneficiary rewards.

Prospective formula
0.025 STU w 50% to @hive-dr and 50% account reporting abuse.

    What sort of metadata about the reported content besides category should be reported? i.e. payout value, created date, repeat offender status?

3. Once payout date is met on the post, first one to !notifypayout <link to post> will receive an a min. payout vote or equivalent incentive.

Join me as I work through this development in real time. #1 should be the low hanging fruit. Will configure the bot to decline rewards and post to test tag until we go live with the full functionality.

HDR Discord

Hopefully, if I make good headway on the HDR front, I will transition to troubleshooting my deep fake software as I ran into an issue with the conversion and the frame alignments not being found. Cross that bridge when we get there.

Oh also feeling like a hot bag of A rn so please pray I don't got the 'rona

See Ya

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