SteemFlagRewards ReBirth: HDR Day 2

in hive-196037 •  2 years ago 

Feel free to drop an F in the chat for my lost hair.

Day 2: Installing Dependencies - Migrating Balances

Someone must have have lit a fire under my ass because I feel like coding today. Here is the rough agenda of action items for the SteemFlagRewards Rebirth as Hive-DR (Downvote Rewards).


  • Reduction in Blockchain Remote Procedure Calls
  • No dependency on external service provider that may or may not continue service. Is there an SLA?
  • Loss of trading via Engine DEX
  • Work

-Exposing the database to the upvote bot
Obviously, security best practices must be maintained.
I don't like it but until I have a spot in a fancy datacenter. It is the next best bet. (API could be developed in the future depending on viability of project based on community feedback)

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