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'RAWphoric #Hardstyle', (#AMV) Anime Music Video made by A4TW Studio
►Warning! AGE (+16) Only!, content not intended for minors◄
►Spoiler ALERT◄
►Epilepsy WARNING◄

This video is part of a series, (http://bit.ly/2CE3BAk)
Episode 1: (

Episode 2: (
Complete: (This one)

│00:18 (Blood-C)(ブラッド-C)(Buraddo-C)
│Genre: (Gore)(Action)(Horror)
│WIKI: (http://bit.ly/WIKI-EN_Blood-C)
│Review: (http://bit.ly/Review_Blood-C)

│03:52 (Blood-C: The Last Dark)(ブラッド-C:ラストダーク)(Buraddo-C: Rasuto Dāku)
│Genre: (Gore)(Action)(Horror)
│WIKI: (http://bit.ly/WIKI-EN_Blood-C_The-Last-Dark)
│Review: (http://bit.ly/Review_Blood-C_The-Last-Dark)

│ꜜ MUSIC ♫♪
│INTRO (ElementD - Giving In (feat. Mees Van Den Berg))
│Genre: (Euphoric Hardstyle)
│Original: (http://bit.ly/2NmaxmB)

│00:20 (Daedrafaction - Make Me Alive (CAFT Edit))
│Genre: (RAWphoric Hardstyle)
│Original: (http://bit.ly/2BPU8FK)

│03:52 (Ran-D & D-Sturb - Back To Life)
│Genre: (RAWphoric Hardstyle)
│Original: (http://bit.ly/2wjBAIG)

├──┤Mixed & Edited by #CAFT├──
│Credits & Copyright owners
│► ElementD ◄@=(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOg7FC77_fStN8wHs-NgPdA)
│► Daedrafaction ◄@=(https://www.youtube.com/user/Daedrafication)
│► Ran-D ◄@=(https://www.youtube.com/user/djrandofficial)
│► D-Sturb ◄@=(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnl1UdzI0V4pXWWuftxlVaQ)
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