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Most of the time the talent (skill) you have, determines how your local (international) community looks at you. This talent tells who you are and what your local (international) community is expecting from you. People have different understandings of what talent is all about and their ability to create or do things. So it is left to us to find ours and a spotlight on it. From our last engagement, drawing is a talent in which participants show great skill. That is the more reason we decided this week, we will be looking beyond just drawing. This week we will be happy to look at simple things that make us intelligent beings. Talents can be seen as special athletic skills, creativity, and ability(physical or mental power). No matter the talent you have, it all falls within functional talent, self-management, and special knowledge talent.


Are People Made or Born


  • What do you understand by Talent(skill)? With examples
  • Difference between in-born and self-learned talent?
  • Give Illustrations of the different talents.
  • How can you identify talent?
  • Tell us about your talent(let us know if it is in-born or learned). We will be happy if you show an illustration. (It is okay if drawing is your talent, you are free to illustrate again this week)




  • Publish your entry post in the [Steem Cameroon Community] (
  • Your title should be Steemit Engagement Challenge S4-W3 | Are people made or born
  • The minimum length of your post must be 300 words.
  • Plagiarism of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  • Use only original images or copyright-free images and properly cite them. (You can visit this post to know more).
  • Your entry must be #steemexclusive
  • You must belong to a club status (either #club5050, #club75 or #club100) to participate in this contest.
  • Include #steemcameroon-s4w3, #talent, #steemexclusive, your club status tag (#club5050, #club75, or #club100), and country tag within your first 5 tags.
  • This contest is open to all, and all languages are acceptable.
  • Invite 3 friends to participate - Follow @steem-cameroon, and subscribe to the Steem Cameroon Community.
  • You must leave your entry link in the comment section of this post, and do not forget to upvote and resteem this post.
  • This contest will start at 00:00 (UTC) Monday 12/09/2022, and end at 23:59 (UTC) Sunday 18/09/2022




Lucky authors will be selected and will receive booming support based on the rules and originality of the post respectively.

Note, that some authors will be visited by SC01/SC02.
This is not guaranteed.
Wish you the best.




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Remember that the purpose of this engagement challenge is to promote daily engagement. As such, you are expected to interact daily with other participants' entries and engage with quality comments. We shall carefully check the engagement levels to select our winners. You are obligated to make out time and respond to comments that support your entry.

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People should not include their username in the post title - that is quite unnecessary.

Esto me parece lógico, al estar en el blog del usuario ya se sabe quien es el creador del contenido, igualmente colocar las etiquetas en el título siento que eso le resta calidad a los post .

Tengo tiempo tomando en cuenta estos cambios, y algunos días quitando el nombre de usuario del título y si que se nota el cambio, los post se ven mucho más lindos .

Esperemos que todos acaten las normas y sigamos llenando steemit que buenos contenidos que luzcan hermosos .

Saludos .

Esto me parece lógico, al estar en el blog del usuario ya se sabe quien es el creador del contenido, igualmente colocar las etiquetas en el título siento que eso le resta calidad a los post

Totalmente pero ahora no se de donde salio eso, porque yo cuando empece y asta que te digo el año pasado antes de los juegos del diario y los clubes eso no se hacia y de repente todos ,,,,y as escribimos menos así como sugirió sc01 que los títulos de los post de los diarios son muy largos, es como que ya hicieran el post de una vez.

Noted @steemcurator01, the change has been made. We hope to continue working within the rules as always. Thank you for the timely heads up...

Really yes, it is sometimes not nice I will see to it making my posts with including my username in the title, cause your username is already present in when you post as the person making the post so it shouldn't be necessary adding our usernames again
I agree with you.

Noted sir

I believe this coming week will be another week of many interesting stories to read. Talent has many meanings to different people and I believe ever steemian should have a talent of thier they want to showcase.

Phone in my hand and my glasses on ready to read entries on the week's challenge. Not forgetting my itching fingers wanting to engage with you all. 🥳

It will be eye catching

Very good contest for "Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 Week 3" with the Theme "Are People Made or Born".

This is a very interesting theme for all of us to show our talents or skills. I wish this contest a success with many participants taking part in this contest.

El ser humano tiene la inteligencia y capacidad de realizar actividades gratificantes, creo que cada quien tiene un talento especial que con preparación y estudio logrará llevarlo a su máxima potencia.
Así que está semana estaremos leyendo sobre los talentos de los Steemiants.

Hola querida comunidad de Steemit, Steem Cameroon, especialmente a @hive-195150...
My Entry:

Un gran concurso esperamos ver muchas participaciones. Los talentos y las habilidades, hay algunas diferencias?, veremos el desarrollo a ver que dicen los futuros participantes.


Está genial el reto amigos.
Estaré preparando el mío

Wow interesting topic for this week 👌

Esto si me gusto... voy por mi participación. Éxito para todos.

I like this theme. And I will prepare a best article for this contest. Thanks to the entire Steem Cameroon community team who have poured their thoughts into making this theme appear. I really appreciate it.

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Really a great engagement
I will soon participate

What an amazing contest.
I hope many more people participate and i wish you all success in the contest.

This is my entry
Steemit Engagement Challenge S4-W3 | Are people made or born

Hello sir i want to know if i am eligible for making posts & eligible for getting a reward!!!! Please reply me
If i am not eligible how much am i supposed to power up! If not power up then what am i supposed to do

Buenas noches comunidad

01 Comunidad Camerun.png

Acá mí participación en el concurso que se realiza esta semana en la comunidad y que forma parte de la 3er semana de la 4ta temporada del #Steemit Engagement Challenge

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Suerte a todos los participantes.

Hasta la proxima...

Habia olvidado colocar mi entrada al concurso en los comentarios.

Esta es mi entrada

it is really excellent topic and best of luck every one season 4 week 3 ,, amazing

I think that one is born with talent and we discover it over time.
Very good team challenge, so I'll be preparing my participation.

Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

Qué bueno, desafío me gusta mucho, pronto estaré mostrando mi mejor talento. Saludos

Un gran saludo a todos los miembros de la comunidad y a los participantes de este interesante desafío.
Por aquí dejando mi participación.

Espero la disfruten.

Hola 👋

Por acá dejo mi participación en el concurso de esta semana.

Saludos 😘

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

This talent contest really made me very interested in participating in making posts in this community. And I finally managed to participate in making his post and below is my post link. 👇


Hopefully this can really make friends interested and also give advice if I have an error in writing in this post. Thank you for the help.