THE DIARY GAME: 02/11/2021

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Hello Steem Cameroon...

Early this morning by 4am, I jump down from my bed after which I did my usual morning routines from my morning meditation and later on making up my bed.

I took about 3o minutes to carry out the above mentioned exercise after which I logged into my steemit account, reviewed and curated some articles from steem Cameroon community.

Around 7am, we had power outage, since my laptop doesn't store power for long, it went off about 30minutes after the power outage.
I continued to review articles with my phone and by 9am, I was done.

I did some cleaning in my room, had my bath and went to town to buy some fees stuffs...


I had promised my friend to come by from him, but when I got to his shop, he was not around and so I had to wait. When he returned, I bought 2 things from him:

  • Water filter
  • Blending machine
    All these things coated me 25000frs.

I left the things at his shop, and went for a birthday surprise party I was invited to come play the sax some days back at mile 90, a neighborhood in BAMENDA.

We were 5 of us going to do the surprise as the birthday celebrant was celebrate her 51 birthday.
Immediately I did my part by playing her a birthday song, I hurriedly went back to town, to get the things I had bought.

After collecting the things, I took a taxi back home and when I got home, I started asking myself questions why I bought the blending machine because I'm not really sure when I will ever use it.😅😅


I opened the parcel, removed the water filter, mounted it as can be seen on the above picture, watched it and placed it in the kitchen with some water in it as can be seen in the picture above... and as for the blender, I just kept it somewhere untouched waiting for the day I'll use it.


Later around 5pm... I fried some plantains for myself and eat as I called it a day.

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Your family is blessed with that gift sir. That water filter will do just a lot given our water condition. Before you know it your mum will start using that plender. It's a necessity in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing sir.

Power failure has been a serious issue now. Am happy you could use your handset to review steemians post. We steemians are blessed for that.

Keep that blender well for my sister to use when she gets married to you hahaha! She will appreciate you for that gesture. Health is wealth so don't joke with that water filter boss. Am impressed with most of your posts especially this particular one with those kitchen utensils. Thanks for sharing your day sir.

Remember I told you on WhatsApp that blender will not cook food for you. And you got no choice but to love indomie because that is the only thing you can cook. Just take a good look at the plantains🤣😂🤣😂. Boy better start for appreciate women🤪🤪