Steem Cameroon Contest - My Social Media Status Recorder : 23/07/2022

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Designed on canva

Hello everyone, I hope we are all having a great day. I welcome you all to my second post for steemit status recorder contest in Steem Cameroon community. Status recorder contest is one of my favorite contests and I thank the organizers and moderators of this amazing community for organizing this contest and giving me an opportunity to share my contents here.

Below are my whatsapp screenshots for today's entry post.

Picture from camera

My first whatsapp post for the day is about a steemit promotional banner which I designed on canva not long ago and today I took the opportunity to update it on my whatsapp status to inform many of this wonderful and amazing platform.

Designed on canva

We just resumed school not long ago and since we are in the second semester for the academic year, Ghana Muslims Student Association (GMSA) will be holding their week celebration for this academic year. I shared the flyer on my whatsapp status to inform many about the days for the week celebration.

Screenshot from whatsapp

The yogurt man is back. The yogurt man is a student and also my course mate in the same level. In every sense he makes available yogurt which are sold at affordable prices to student. He just started his business again and asked us to help him share the flyer on our status.

Screenshot from whatsapp

We owe it to ourselves to always go hard and be great because you never know where your blessings will come from. Always strive to do your best anywhere you are found and surely you’ll be proud by the end of the day.

Screenshot from whatsapp

My last update is also a flyer from a computer science student hopeful aspiration for the position for the computer science president for 2023/2024 academic year. In fact today, all my updates are about flyers.

Screenshot from whatsapp

I hope you enjoy my post. Stay safe😊

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