Steem Cameroon Contest - My Social Media Status Recorder : 22/07/2022

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Hello, good day to all members of Steem Cameroon and steemit platform at large. I hope we are all doing great. I welcome you to my blog. I post for today is an entry for steemit status recorder contest which I have always participated in and also one of my favorite contest ever. I thank the organizer for such wonderful contest.

This is my first entry and below are my whatsapp screenshots for the day.

Picture from Camera

We just began our second semester for this academic year not long ago. Just about two four week ago and students who posted on their status and were saying they won’t miss any lecture this semester are not even on campus. They are still at home enjoying the holidays😂

Screenshot from whatsapp

Waking up every morning is a blessing which we should always be thankful for. We always underrate or underestimate such blessings and this happens to be one of the most important blessings we should be thankful to God for. Waking up with good health been the day is granted to you to try and achieve your aims.

44EF679A-CE39-4678-901C-5BBA350A5D97.jpeg Screenshot from whatsapp

We should always forgive everyone that has wronged us and also ask God for forgiveness of sins we have committed willingly and unwillingly, ask those we have wronged for forgiveness too and sleep with a good heart.

C1C51CC1-8E48-4A9F-A31A-FBAC5F2FAB7A.jpeg Screenshot from whatsapp

Motivational quotes are there to motivate us to work harder to achieve our aims but looks like this one is different. You might think you read it wrongly the first time but that isn’t the case. This one is rather discouraging us to give up 😂

5F49665D-835C-435F-B6E3-1023AE1EC66A.jpeg Screenshot from whatsapp

This is a very common photo that has been circulating on whatsapp and other social medias for some time now. I don’t know who made it but all they’re trying to say is men will be scarce by 2023 and because of them the gentlemen always love to share it on their status.

2BBACF9E-7BBB-4A78-A161-BF9A3ECBDDD7.jpeg Screenshot from whatsapp

Thank you for your time. Stay safe😊

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