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Hi friends. So last week I finally hit 1k+ sp, and I have no plans of slowing down. I continued this week by powering up 32 STEEM yesterday, and I now present the power post below:


Before Power Up


After Power up

Well, today I was able to power up 32.671 STEEM. This is my first power up for the month of April.

I powered up a total of 80 Steem in January, 100 steem in February, 220.768 steem in March, and as at now 32.671 STEEM in April. This brings my total power up for this year to 433.439 steem, and I now hodl over 1,092sp.

I now look forward to reaching 2,500sp before the 31/12/2022, thereby becoming half a dolphin before the year runs. I will encourage everyone reading this post to equally engage in power ups. It is our way of investing in a brighter steemit future.

I will make sure to increase my efforts so as to reach this target, God helping me 🙏.

Thanks for reading 👊
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Power up is part of our culture. I love your zeal In powering up

Never give up bro. Good job for the power up