The dairy game 7-11-2021

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Hello steem Cameron.
How are you people doing over there???

Early this morning around 4:am I wake up and start smile because I have alot discussion with my friends so I take it back to dream wow.. 🤣🤣


I wake up around 4:am after smiling in a dream I remember to take my morning devotion before I press my phone and open my WhatsApp chat and start to chat a little and also play a game.

Around 6:am I went outside to checked my 🐕 dog if his okay.. after that I move inside and brush my teeth and also take my bath.

Now I get to prepare for my breakfast before I move to work, I get to remember something important in my site so now, I need to be fast and prepare to enter work..

Now I take a 🚕 taxi to working place after reaching my working place I enter work immediately because I need to close in time..


Here are some works I did just to complete the work and move to another work ..



Uploading image #3...





After completing the work I need to keep some materials in good position

After that I start to make arrangements to close because I don't like closing late in work..

This how my diary game move.

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You work is very beautiful and nice keep it up, we all make it,that is one day.

I really appreciate Honorable