[Club 100] Creative Writing- ENOGOU Village.

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Receive my greetings fellow steemians. I will write a short story on ENOGOU Village.

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Once upon a time, there was a village called Enogou. In this village, the princess must get married first before any other maiden. The princess was so beautiful, loving, caring but rejected all the suitors that came her way. This alone made people hate her because they are getting older but not married.

The princess will plead with the women of this village to be very patient with her but they seemed tough and refused to understand. She always quarrel her daddy to change the tradition as a traditionalist that he is, but the father the king will say tradition is tradition.

The princess remained in thoughts because she can’t force herself to marry a man she does not love. The princess was getting older as years passed by. All the women who came to ask for her hand in married came because of her father’s wealth and the throne. She prayed to God to locate her husband. Her prayer was: my husband must not be rich, should be a man who loves and cherish me not for selfish interest.

One day the princess decided to take a walk around the village where she saw an old man who told her that if she wants everybody to free from this tradition, she must kill the king. The princess went back home with deep thoughts saying “how can I kill my father?” She ultimately snaps out of her daydream because she could not bring herself to murder.

The pressure from everyone made much unsturbilized. In the evening that same day while everyone was asleep, the princess started saying her father does not love her, because if he did love her, he won’t allow her to suffer like that. She said her father has the power to change the tradition but does not want to. She thought of committing the act.

Early the next morning, the princess served breakfast and added some sleeping pills so that everyone will fall asleep while she goes ahead with her plan. She served a special drink to her dad in the afternoon to lure him to weakness and eventually kill him. The father drank and died. She ran to her room pretending as if she has done nothing. The following morning, the queen rose an alarm of the king’s death. Years later, the council of elders decided to crown a new king but her conscience kept troubling her. By this time, she saw the man of dreams and confessed to everyone in the village.

The villagers were astonished especially her mother the queen. So the decision taken by the council of elders was to sanction her entire family to step down from royalty. They all vacated the royal palace. The surprising thing about this princess was that she was very happy. Why? Because she said the truth and freed her conscience as well as set the maidens and women of Enogou free from this barbaric and unfair tradition, and can now live a normal life.

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