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Communication is a tool in the business world that can't be neglected. This tool can skyrocket your business, and this same tool can run you out of business. Statistics have shown that people don't create the time to read long blocks of texts or listen to long presentations, which most of the time carry key info. People are too busy and finally, miss out on important details, which are usually shared at the end. Well, my publication is on Minto Pyramid.

What is Minto Pyramid

Minto Pyramid is a structure put in place for better assimilation of messages passed clearly in a lesser time. The Minto pyramid breaks your communication in a top-down manner for easy and fast understanding of the message. That is starting from the conclusion, key arguments, and lastly support your argument with detailed information.


How Minto Pyramid Works

Now let me see how to share my understanding of the image above, which is the idea of this tool. Let's look into the details now.

  • Start with the conclusion

Draw the interest of your audiences by first telling them the things they will take back, recommendations, or some kind of simple conclusion. Yeah, this looks opposite to what you will be thinking. But this method has shown to be more efficient for writing and people who have little time or attention. This principle is called BLUF (bottom line up front), which originated from the military coup and is now generally adopted in the business world.

  • Provide key Points

As you already shared the takeaway in your communication, it is time to dish out the key arguments. This has to be fairly short, which summarizes the main points. Here you are explaining the "why" behind your recommendations.

  • Support points with details

Now, you will still have to make your key points. But the time you will give more detailed information backing the point, that is facts, evidence, numbers, results, etc. It is the part you have to dissect the points in detail. This is where the busy people will usually miss out, but it is necessary so that a conclusion can be made or acted on.

It is not a problem to skip this section, but you have to be sure your audiences have a good understanding of your key arguments.


Minto Pyramid is the perfect tool to use for a research presentation, as it will be easy to use. The Minto pyramid gives the possibility to share your results and recommendations after completing a project or research work. To conclude, Minto Pyramid is a tool that can make your writing communication more efficient and clear for your busy audience.

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