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Steem greetings my fellow countrymen today I bring to you a little health chat for your sisters, mothers and wives, especially your girlfriends 😅😅

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency is the main preventable cause of blindness among children. It leads to severe visual disorders and blindness and could result in death if
associated with other common childhood diseases such as measles and diarrhea.
mostly in pregnant women vitamin A deficiency leads to night blindness and may lead to increased risk of maternal mortality.
This occurs especially doing their third trimester pregnancy.
For breastfeeding mothers vitamin A deficiency leads to low levels of vitamin A in breast milk and early exposure of the child to vitamin A deficiency.


Whey the are signs of vitamin A deficiency such as xerophthalmia in the case of measles, vitamin A supplement according to national protocol is the appropriate treatment. So always visit a hospital.


Breastmilk is rich in vitamin A.
Therefore, promoting exclusive breastfeeding contributes to preventing vitamin A deficiency as well as the consumption of food enriched in vitamin A.

Administering vitamin A supplements to children below five years (every 6 months) can you reduce death rates. For women in immediate post-partum vitamin A supplementation improves the level vitamin A in the breast milk.


So always feed your children breast milk for at least 1year 8months.
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For the mothers breastfeeding should consume many fruit which are rich in minerals, vitamins and important constituents such as retinol important protein for the eye

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