Urgent, Urgent... Please Pray 🙏 For My Kid Bro As He Undergoes Brain Scanning Due To A Fatal Accident

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It was on a Saturday evening 18/06/22 when I received This bad news about my kid brother Hanson. His twin brother Honest called me on phone and informed me that his twin brother have had a fatal accident which he almost lost his life

my kid brother in pains as a result of bike accident

After hearing this news, I was furious and saddened. They are both in the village with my grand mom schooling. My other kid brother explained the incident to me and send me that pictures if his twin bro's accident and I almost felt like crying 😭. It was when he send me a Video he took at the incident place where my other kidbro had the accident as he was lying in a pool of blood almost lifeless... I began crying at that moment because the video was hurrible

He had the accident with another bike on his way back from school because he is in form5 preparing to write Ordinary-level examination that will be starting on the 28/06/22 this month. He went to study and when coming back, he took a bike. The bike he took collided with another bike and got terribly twisted.

The other bike rider wasn't carrying anyone. The two rider system little injuries though one was somehow very serious and also needed emergency since he had a lot bruises.

My kid bro's accident was extremely very bad because he was unaware. He knocked his head directly to the teared road which caused him to lost two of his teeth, he was seriously bleeding as blood was coming out of his mouth and nose.

He was emmidiately rush to the hospital where he got an emergence treatment. Since the hospital is not up to standard, he was then transfered to Mbingo hospital since it's a Baptist hospital and it's upto standard with specialties when it comes in treating patients and also in carrying out operation because my brother was to under undergo Brain Scanning and operation if should incase blood had clotted inside his head.

My kid bro in Mbingo hospital undergoing Brain Scanning

After the scanning, I was very happy that nothing was found because I was skeptical and furious . If he was scanned and needed to carry out operation, he will probably miss his Final year G.C.E exams, we will probably have to spend not Less than 350,000 FCFA (3526 STEEM at 0.19 STEEM value) and we don't have that amount of money. I was happy that this didn't happened though the doctors still demanded us a total sum of 120,000 FCFA (1212 STEEM) for the successfull scanning

I didn't have that amount of money to send, so I went round and borrowed 60,000 FCFA (550 STEEM), my grand mom had 10,000 FCFA ( 92 STEEM). I am very happy because my kid bro is a committed Christian, so his church pastor had to intervent in the situation and he was the one that took my kid brother to the hospital, he completed the money with 30,000 FCFA and it was now 100,000 FCFA ( 910 STEEM).

But the total hospital bill was 120,000 FCFA, so he pleaded on the doctor and he accepted the 100,000 FCFA. I was very happy with the news

My kid bro after undergoing scanning

My kid brother is presently still at the Mbingo hospital having a bed rest. He will be discharged tomorrow because he need to go back Home and continue preparing for his exams

However, I am still very skeptical as to how he will be preparing for his G.C.E examination when he is having severe brain ache. Please y'all should be praying for my kid brother

My regards : @chiabertrand

Note: all the pictures where send to me by my kid bro via WhatsApp

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Hope your brother recovers well.

Woow thank you so much for the support and concern over my brother's health situation dear SC01

Atleast I'm glad his recovering very fast now. I just wish he fully recovers as fast as possible because he is starting his GCE examinations next week 28/06/22

Hello @chiabertrand I hope your brother has a speedy and satisfactory recovery.

I'm glad you were able to cover the medical expenses.

Hello @bellana, yes my kid bro is recovering very fast and he will soon be discharged from the hospital. Thanks for your concern dear friend

Thank God it stopped at that, I have been passing through this same problem on my kid brother since three years now, he sustained a great injury that left him unconscious for 6 months, it wasn't an easy journey, am so happy that yours wasn't that bad, I wish him quick recovery.

Oooh😞😞 I'm so so sorry to hear about what happened to your kid brother. Chaaaaaiii if someone can under go unconsciousness for about 6months that means his situation wasn't something a person could joke about

So how is him now? I hope he is doing great now

As for my kid bro, I happy his situation wasn't that serious since his scanning was successful and he there was no blood Clot inside his head

The only bad thing is that he has lost all his front teeth

Had it been my brother lost his teeth it could have been much better, you can imagine being 100% dependant at the age of 30 what it looks like. But we are still happy he is alive.

I thank God for you, because what we have been passing through I can't wish if for anybody

Oooh Lord.. It's really painful 😖.. I am so sorry to hear about your brothers situation, may God come to his rescue

Ashia and thank God he is recovering. Wish him the best of health asap and you need to encourage him to know that what matters now is good health and nothing else, not even the GCE.
It shall be well IJN.

Yes sir he is recovering very fast now and thank you so much for your concern sir.

Yes exactly sir, his health is actually very important now than education. I am hoping he gets recovered before they start their GCE

@tipu curate

Oh dear I'm so sorry about your kid brother's health, I wish him a speedy recovery!!!

Thank you dear for your concern. We thank God he is gradually recovering now under God's protection

All praise to the Almighty?

I'm really sorry for this bro hope your bro gets better soon I wish him luck in his exams too. I hope he can take the exams I will be praying from where I am

Thank you bro for the good wishes in my kid bros exams and for the sympathy over his health situation. Atleast he is recovering very fast now

Quick recovery to your brothers .It is well God will intervene for him

Im sorry to hear about what happened to your kid bro, I wish him a speedy recovery.

Oh no! I almost missed this post!
I am so sad to read about what happened to your brother.
Please tell he is know okay?
An accident can happen so easily that's for sure.
I will carry him in my prayers. 🙏

Thanks so much for the concern mom

Do not be bothered anymore, he is fine now and will be discharge tomorrow so that he will continue preparing for his exams

Though he lost his two front teeth, I am still grateful because God spared his life by giving him a chance to continue living

Awh! This is such great news! I wish him a full recovery.
At least teeth can be replaced, a life cannot.
He is indeed one lucky young man!
Thank you for the update!

Opss so so sorry bro