#club100 // The Diary Game 3: BetterLife with Steem (12/08/2022)

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Hello dear friends on the steemit platform, greetings to you all and it is 10:26 PM by my time in the Litoral region of Cameroon. I will be talking about my daily activities of today before going to bed.

It was a busy day and I need to make sure everything was in order because I will be traveling to another region of the country. I wake up from bed early and washed the dirty clothes I removed from my kids the previous evening when I was thing them.

After washing the dresses, I sun them on the dry line. I made breakfast for the kids which was bread with tea. After they were done eating, I bath them and equally took my bath and dressed up. I had booked appointment at the salon to do my hair.

F0545A01-66E0-473E-8881-C68A84865B4C.jpeg Ready to go to the salon.

When I arrived the salon, the lady whom I booked appointment with had a night program in her church, so did not come early. But her Workers were already there busy with other clients. I had to seat while they called her I’m around. She came and apologised for keeping me waiting. She immediately started plaiting and was faster than I expected.

35B561F9-2846-492B-8422-8ADB38651B90.jpeg Me at the hair salon, the image was not clear due to lights reflecting on the mirror.

The hair took her almost 2 hours to do it and I was feeling different, though I am not yet too comfortable in it due to high temperatures. I left the salon and came back home to meet my kids I left behind.

A895D187-4868-475A-A1BC-D2DB465D8549.jpeg My new hair look.😎😎

At home, I had to arrange our luggages because we will be living the house early in the morning hours. While I was arranging the luggage, my sister called me to check my WhatsApp messages. As I opened it, behold, she had sent pictures of some sneakers she bought for my daughter.

0F3321D7-CD8E-4C3D-8BAE-4F470F40FBCC.jpeg My daughter’s sneakers bought by my sister.

Later on, my sister out of the country called me to tell me my niece luggage I mentioned in one of my diary games did not arrived has been seen. I was already exhausted and I had to remove cold drink from the refrigerator to cold down my throat.

FAF60BA5-954F-412A-950D-4E23DA711509.jpeg Me taking my cold juice .
After consuming my juice, I had to write my diary and post before crashing in bed. Thank you for reading through my diary .

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Hahahaha aunty Chant and enjoyment! You looked a little bit dull without the hair plaited but immediately you had your hair made i saw a young and pretty looking mom on the bus making eyes😅
I'm happy you're finally going back to .... You understand 🤣

Safe arrival to you.

#letsCommentCmr # SteemOn

😂😂😂😂😂. You no well at all. I’m not yet going back home, moving to another enjoyment place with father in law.

Weeehhh you want to kill that man🤣 abeg make and go back

I have invited him over 😂😋


That kind thing 😎😎😎


Your diary game blog is very much appreciated.