#club100 // The Diary Game 3 : BetterLife with Steem (05/08/2022)

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Hello my fellow steemians, accept warm steem greetings from my end. It is a cold morning here and I hope everyone is faring good. Today, I will be sharing with you all my diary of Friday 05/08/2022. I wake from bed at 5:00 am receiving a phone call from my elder sister that my niece arrived safely but one of her luggages was missing. I told her to file in a complaint and she did just that. She took a selfie with my niece and send to me when they arrived home. After the chat, I logged into my steemit account and reviewed, comment and curate posts in the Steem-cameroon community.

9B42E034-F282-4B2C-97B6-7E26B323070A.jpeg My niece and my elder sister when they arrived home.

After curating, commenting and review of posts, I had to do some house chores before entering the kitchen. Today I decided not to prepare breakfast since my kids slept late and will obviously wake up late. I decided to prepare lunch at once. I made pounded potatoes with beans.

This is one of the traditional meals prepared in my village. My kids love it so much and it’s been long I prepared this meal. I had to remove my potatoes from the bag and peeled them off, washed and put in the pot.

0BA1E69E-697D-4C10-AA66-56B6AE69A97B.jpeg Peeled potatoes in the pot

Later on, I arranged the other ingredients to be used, which included; salt, Maggi, palm oil, country onion, boiled beans and onion. I had to sliced the onions and put in the potatoes with all the other ingredients.





All the ingredients ready to be used to cook my pounded potatoes with beans.
After putting everything in order, I placed the pot on the cooker and dropped a little bit of water and allow it to boil with normal heat. It boiled for about 30minutes, I checked if the water had dried off. I cannot pound it unless the water dried off if not it will be too soft and not good. I waited until the water dried off and I removed it from the cooker and used a stick to pound it until it has a desired texture.


I was done cooking at about 2:00pm and my kids had wake up at 1:00pm. Since the food was not yet ready at that time, I gave them some snacks to take while I completed with lunch. Immediately I completed cooking, I served them food and they were eating. My mum has been sick for some days now and was hospitalised in my hometown and I am not around. My sisters went to visit her and make a group call that some of us not in town could connect and spoke with her.

23E358C9-50B2-4EF4-9D9D-14B77A71975B.png Screenshot of the group video call with my sisters and mum on the hospital bed.

I was so happy after discussing with her and her situation was getting better. I took my shower, bath the kids and log into my steemit account to continue reviewing posts, comment and upvoted. This day is my curation day in Steem-cameroon community as MOD. After the curation, I selected 8 articles for booming support.

I later on engaged discussion with other MODs and Admins of Steem-cameroon community. We discussed for a while till at about 11:00pm. After the discussions, I went to bed, got into the sheet and my night sleep commenced.

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Your mother will get well soon. i pray to god. @chant

Thank you for the prayers 🙏🏽🙏🏽.


Sorry about your mother... I pray for quick recovery
You and your sisters look very very much alike
It cannot be mistaken that y'all are family 😅

That potatoes and beans meal...
I've been hearing of it ooo
Don't know how it tastes though

The meal taste delicious especially with the country onion flavour. Thanks for wishing my mom well.

Only the way your sister resemble you ehhh but hope her sickness subside sooner ohhh

Thanks for the comment. Yeah she was discharged today but will return for check up on Tuesday.

Abeg send my own chop via express. I no di joke, like that food until eh

I go surely send via box matches 🫣🫣. Make food no oppress you ooh.