The Almighty prediction. How good are you at predicting scores?

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The diary game has been one of the main things driving people to post daily. It's been a nice move Fostering engagement on every platform. One of the things needed to keep steemit busy is engagements, and as a lover of the steemit community, we need to keep thinking of things that would cause more traffic.

How I came about this idea

I am a sports lover. If you check some of my posts in the past, you would understand that I love Manchester United to the core. That's not the issue now anyway. I was triggered to start the Almighty prediction when a guy in my compound almost knocked down his door because Chelsea played draw with Tottenham, and lost on penalty. He staked and nearly won. At that moment, the idea struck me, and here it comes.

The Almighty prediction

There are many punters. People stake and win every day and many lose their money as well. It's no news that sports prediction has gone very viral in the world. I can say categorically that there is no place in the world where various online sport predictions don't take place. Let's engage ourselves with sports predictions. This is to drive engagement and encourage punters to join us.

Idea don't come fully formed

When you think of something, you will need to ponder and design various strategies to realize it. The almighty prediction is an idea at its infancy, Right now, I'm still thinking of a way to come up with something unique via this idea, though I'm always busy. However, my love for steemit keeps me moving.

How would people predict

I will select matches every Friday and Saturday and write a post for people to comment, share their thought, and forecast. For instance, if I select Manchester United vs Arsenal, Real Madrid vs Valencia, and Chelsea vs Liverpool, punters would comment below the post by predicting the winner with correct score and give reasons for their prediction. Anyone with the correct accuracy would make a post not less than 300 words talking about the game and it would be promoted and curated from the @steemcurator04 account. It is only a weekend challenge to know the best predictors and at the end of the month, the best predictor would be sent 20 steem for his/her accuracy. As time goes on, the Champions League and Europa leagues might be included and the posting might exceed Fridays and Saturdays.
There would be a point system in place and people would be updated via posts as the game continues.

Note that steem Africa is not a platform for a particular niche. We are everywhere. You can post anything apart from porn here, so we are always trying to bring stuff that would make the community boom while promoting steem and the steemit community.

There are rules

  • Thou shall not edit comments, especially for prediction. Once a prediction is made, there should not be an alteration. Any edited prediction would be counted as false even if the game hasn't started. Please let's stick to the rules.

  • Any prediction dropped during or after the games would be considered invalid. All predictions must be dropped before the match starts.

  • In every prediction, there should be a constructive text about the games not less than 30 words, accompanied by the prediction. For example, there should be nothing like Chelsea 1 Tottenham 0.
    There should be a write up to back up the prediction. You can write something like; I love Chelsea and I believe they can overpower Tottenham. You can also tell us about their head to head results, and more. So far its's constructive and not less than 30 words, you are qualified.

  • The prediction is open to everyone. No segregation

If there are any other rules of the game, It would be announced in due time as the game progress. What are you waiting for? START PREDICTING.

The first Almighty prediction would drop on Saturday (03/10/2020). Stay connected.

Thanks for your support.

All rewards on every post created for this purpose will be put at 100% power up to help reward every participant as we progress.*** It's gonna be fun.

Thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog for their endless support.

Join the Steem Africa WhatsApp group and the
Steem Africa discord server. You are most welcome.

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I'm a walking question mark. If you keep asking yourself questions about me, you will never find the right answer. Ask me and I will freely give it to you. If you don't, you might be wrong
Thanks for reading.

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wow! this riddles is hard oooo but let me try the Answer is Experience

Yea, it looks hard but you can partake and have fun
You might be lucky..... It's gonna go beyond this with time. Thanks for the comment. Watchout for the post today and drop your prediction against tomorrow matches.

This an interesting challenge and the weekend things makes it easy to partake too, you a polymath @beautychicks keep it up

Thanks @nattybongo. Let's keep it moving. Gonna drop a post today against Sunday matches. Would be expecting your input.

Definitely I won’t miss it, you must know I may not be the best predictor though 😂😂

This is really good idea my Sister. Many people are football fun, I think if we can all support this great idea it can bring traffic to steem. Since many people outside steem are engaged in prediction and win and following their favorite football teams. Thanks for this great idea brought into @steemafrica. 🙏😄

This is a very lovely n welcome development i most say. I think with this I will get back to betting because I know good predictions will come out here.

This so amazing

Thank you so much for this prediction but i think this has only fevoured those who love sports and those who have not been following it are out of it. Some us have not been following sports and we may not have much to talk about it.

Yea! I think you can join the game also and follow it online. You can be a part of the prediction for fun. Who knows, you can win. I have a personal way of appreciating any winner that doesn't know about sport. Just key in. We all have fun together. Thanks for your comment @amastella. Very much appreciated. Soon, there would be a general stuff everyone can participate.