My humble farewell.

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Never has there been a time where the need for movement has been felt more keenly than it is today on the steem blockchain.

We're all making moves to better our lives, achieve bigger things, and even build a better place of abode.

With the rise in the steemian population, Steem has a greater possibility of soaring anytime soon. However, my blogging journey comes to a halt today, but I'm always keen to keep trading Steem in the market.

My farewell is not bitter

I was allowed to serve as a country rep for Nigeria some months ago and I'm the first country rep in Africa, which was what gave birth to the steem Africa community. I'm glad we have reps from various African countries now and they are all doing wonderfully well.

I'm dropping my pen as a writer not because I was relieved of my duty. It's neither because I'm tired nor my blogging prowess and management IQ is gone. It's because of some reasons beyond my control. And as an elite, you should know when to get out of the kitchen when the heat is too much. No one likes to swallow meat while chewing, but the esophagus will draw it to Tommy at last, no matter how sweet it is.

Steem Africa is still Alive

The fact that I'm dropping my pen as a writer does not mean Steem Africa community is gone. I've arranged with @oppongk (The country rep from Ghana) and he's very much alive to take over the admin of Steem Africa. He would be the one completely in charge of the community 100% and @yohan2on would always be there to support him. He has full power over the community as of this moment.

Note to the steemit team and others concerned.

It's a great pleasure working with the steemit team by representing Nigeria. I appreciate every support from the team as a whole.

Since I'm no more interested in holding the country rep affair and dropping my pen as a blogger, I would want

  • The 5000 SP delegated to @beautychicks withdrawn.

  • @cryptokannon to remove @beautychicks from all discord server binding her with the community, and also remove her from the steem greeter in the community

  • @shortsegments to remove her from the curation trail set for the Nigerian account

  • Every platform that has @beautychicks as a member is free to remove her.

@Steemitblog to o change the @steemcurator04 posting key, so I don't have any access to it.

I will miss you all

I've had a good time with different people from all works of life. I interact with many on WhatsApp and discord. The interaction still continues, but I will miss you guys on steem.

I don't want anyone to think I'll of this decision, because life is a journey.

This is where my journey ends with steemit blogging.

Death ends some people's journey

Sickness ends some, and

An accident can stop some from typing and using voice notes.

I pray we all have a good reason to decide and take bold steps that is very much difficult to take. I'm not happy, but I was left with no choice.

I wanted to set the payout to null but I posted too fast, and couldn't edit.. Pls, don't vote further....

I love you all. Farewell.

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Hi @beautychicks you were the bubbly cheerful one. Why have to withdraw yourself from steemit entirely.. If the role of country reps is too much a burden for you, you can always be a writer and keep supporting the platform with your writing and inspiring words. I hope you would change your mind. If that is not possible, then I hope you will keep supporting steemit community as you did back then. Wish you good fortune and thank you for the good deed you did for steemit community 🤗💓

Hello my Dear Sister!, you would be always remembered with that good linguistics style of writing. I would missed you with good content you always share with steem block. You are always good writer. I know everyone has reasons and challenges that could inevitably be supported. But leaving blogging in steem entirely maybe painful to your followers, especially those Newcomers which through you that they came to Steem. Besides maybe they are learning much from you, which of course they haven't been fully learnt. I would suggest to be there for us even if you can't blog frequently as it used to be. I just feel very sad, since you are a great motivator and inspiring too. I wish you will come back one day to support the team of Africa. Thanks very much 🙏

Thanks brother. I'm glad you understand my point. Supporting Newcomer and those that I've motivated would never be a problem. I will always check around. The hope is still high with you as the admin of Steem Africa. Pls, do your best and be better than me. Make the platform and steem glow. Best of luck sir. I will always come around to say hi and support. Namaste.

Hello Dear @beautychicks. Thanks so much for the great work done on steemit and particularly in the administration of the Steem Africa community. It's sad to hear that you have decided to quit steemit. I understand circumstances befall us sometimes that are beyond our control and we end up making certain decisions. I have been inactive for sometime just because of certain life difficulties that i have been resolving. I am now back fully online. I am so glad to have worked with you for some time in the past. I will miss you dearly. How i wish you can always come back and post when you have some extra time.

@yohsn2on, it's always sweet working with you. I had to take the decision though not palatable. However, We should be bold to take bold steps.

Please, you need to create time on steem. I've tried too. I withered storms with a strong mind admis various choking.

Steem needs you for Ugandan's .

Thanks for your endless support. I will always come around as suggested.

Thanks bro

Wow @beautychicks, this is so much a kinda sad news oooooo.
I will sure miss you.
I was actually counting on your support for steemalive/Steemit Lagos City.
But nevertheless, I believe you took your time to think about it before backing off.
Nevertheless, best regards from @talktofaith.

Thanks my madam. I would be glad if you are choosen as a replacement byb@steemitnlog and the whole team. You are really doing a great Job and very much dedicated. I will miss you dear, but don't worry, we go dey talk for WhatsApp. Love ya

Alright ma @beautychicks....
I love you too.
You are a one in a million lady.
Best regards ma....
I'm missing you already oooo.
Just take care of yourself.

He that wears the shoe,
knows were it pains the most.

May your decision be of positive vibes as you leave us, painful but necessary and yes we are still at peace.

Thanks for the general support on steemit, God speed.


Thanks bro. I appreciate your good gesture. More blessings too sir.

You are welcome.

Chai, I am saddened by this news but you understand better. I love your courage and encouragement to all of us here. We will surely miss you. If it is possible for you to reconsider your decision, please do reconsider. @beautychicks . Thank you very much for all you have done here. I wish to meet you someday

Oh! My dear sis , I will be very much glad to meet you. It's so sad that the decision has been made. However, I can always come back to blog occasionally. Thanks for your support . Gonna miss you.

Gonna miss you too dear @beautychicks, how can i reach you via text? I mean your mobile number?

I will drop it and tag you in one of your old posts. Thanks sister.

That will be great dear. Thank you. @beautychicks

But why...I really hope it's nothing so serious dear

It's a long story dear. Thanks for being there.I appreciate you a lot.

No...thank you for being here.
You've been a great mentor, you'll be greatly missed. I hope you'd be able to breeze in once in a while would...right? 👉👈🥺

dear i will advise you never give up pen, pen has great power to build nation, life and you are great writer, if you think that can not work as rp ,then never give up your other work, as blogger or writer, that will keep you new life, breath in your life, make your dream big there are we nothing without pen, so keep continue your pen ink to make life better of other and own , hope dear you will try to understand my words that are just for you,

Thank you for all the work you have done as a Country Representative and and for setting up Steem Africa.

Hope you will keep posting on Steem.

The Steemit Team