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I started the Almighty prediction a week ago and this week makes it the second week that punters have predicted and none of their prediction was correct. I think the correct score is too dificult. We are not like the German Octopus, neither are we seers. I have another idea that could work and encourage people to join the game.

No more correct score, we play by the odds and codes

Yes! No more correct scores. I want people to come here and pick from people's prediction. What do you think about countless punters visiting steemit for odds to book every weekend? These are the codes we would be using henceforth until further notice.

  • Home win or away win
  • Home win or draw / away win or draw
  • Over 1.5
  • Over 2.5
  • Under 2.5
  • Goal, Goal
  • Draw

If there is any other suggestion from anyone, It would be very much considered. Like I said in the intro post of the Almighty prediction: Idea don't come fully formed. One of the things I planned is to have a project in the name of steem Africa on the steem blockchain and the first might be a prediction site. I'm using this opportunity topatent this idea before it's stolen. Laughing.

I appreciate every one that has participated in the prediction so far


It's just a new bigining. We can all have fun from this and expand the scope with time. Let's stay tunned for another weekend prediction with respect to the above changes. Thank you.

Thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, and @steemitblog for their endless support. My humble regards.

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Steem Africa discord server. You are mostly welcome.

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Beauty this is really cool as it will bring together the lovers of football. @boss75 has been so great in the aspects of sports his suggestion of add cards will be a great one. very soon steemit would become the a place where soccer, haha. This a nice idea indeed.

#onepercent #nigeria

Thanks for supporting my opinion.
Yeah, soon steemit will be a sports zone.
#onepercent #affable #bangladesh

Thanks bright. I think it's a nice suggestion. I will add it in today's predictions.

okay, thats great, i will be waiting to drop my tips

hahahahahahaha @beautychicks you are getting this more interesting now.

Yea! Let's see how it goes....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think the contest will be more competitive and interesting now. But I wanna give you a suggestion. You add add cards too.
#twopercent #affable #bangladesh

It would be added @boss75. Be expecting the games later today.

The prediction is becoming wonderful everyday i just hope i win.

Yea! you can win. Just be consistent. To be honest, you've been following and I appreciate your input. Keep it up sir.

You're welcome Dear

Thanks for the udates @beautychicks