The Y.I. Ought'ta's - "Armegeddon" - For The Drunks - [Punk Rock]

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The Y.i. OuGhT'Ta's are an in your face punk band that seems to be resurrected from the late 80's with their influences of Black Flag, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Nofx ect. So, if your a fan any of those bands then The Y.i. OuGhT'Ta's are like the strange child that these bands made together.

O.D.M. - Lead Vocals/Tequila/Grain Alcohol
Randy Dammit - Guitar/Vocals/Contraband/Beers
Pistol Pete - Drums/Whiskey
Donkey Jorge - Bass/Vocals/Jack Daniels
C.L. Chongo - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Vodka


The Y.I. Ought'ta's 16-9.jpg

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