My experience with The Diary Game Contest entry by @sduttaskitchen| The Diary helps us to express our feelings and achievements of the day| that also assists us to become a better person for the next day| HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY DIARY GAME|CLUB75

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Dear friends of this beautiful community, How are you all?
I hope you all are fit and fine.

I am Sunita from India, and I am here to share my experience with the diary game.

Before sharing those experiences, I would like to express my feelings toward steemit Venezuela and the steemit blog, and I would like to congratulate them on their excellent and well-organized work.

I hope several people like me prefer to work on this platform because this is not only a platform;
but it is a place where we all receive every possible guidance and help for growth.

Because of that, I want to pass my best wishes and good luck to them in the future.


Why I like The Diary Game


(Time could be different but the sky is same for everyone- the diary game is for me the sky)


1.For me, the diary is something where we could share our unspoken feelings.

Several times we can't express many things which we want to share, but at the end of the day;
we can express our feelings at a place and can understand how our day was!

2.To understand a day, whether it would be good or bad, the diary helps us to understand and rectify them.

3.We also get inspiration by going through several other diaries that life is not easy for anyone.

If we wish to sustain and execute anything;
then we have to work continuously.

4.It also makes us understand others' lifestyles, food, culture, and weather in several countries.


Beginning of my journey with The Diary Game:-

One of my favorite diary:-

I started my journey on this platform as a food blogger, but eventually, with time, I took an interest in the diary game as I was informed of the reason above.

Probably I was the first person who started to share some thoughts at the beginning of the diary game.

Because I felt we must pass some positive notes in our diary to encourage people through our writings. We all know that sharing knowledge and experience helps others to motivate in life.


Encouraging Part of The Diary Game

A few moments, food and my thought from my previous diary:-





As I mentioned that I started my journey as a food blogger; so
1.The diary game always attracts me to introduce and learn about some different types of foods that the people of the entire world love to consume.

2.It is not possible for me to visit the entire world but through the diary game, I often get an opportunity to visit several countries through the pictures people share in their diary game.

3.Though the sky is one for all, the timing is different for different places;
and I also love to compare other times with my country's time to understand how nature and the sun perform to give everything equal importance.

4.I love to learn different languages, and whenever I see a diary written in any other language;
I try to comprehend that language. And that's how I learn 'HOLA', the difference between 'AMIGO' and 'AMIGA', 'BUEN DIAS', and many more.


The disadvantage of the diary game


The diary game is a disadvantage for those who are introverted.

And do not want to come in the semblance of their selfies and food habits;
in front of the open platform.

Several people do not like to disclose their private life among others.




In this busy life, we all badly need a place where we could share everything about our day.

It not only helps us to overcome that situation;
but through comments and by going through several other lifestyles we get an opportunity for self-motivation.

The diary game always gives us a chance to understand what we should follow and what we shouldn't so, lastly, I would say The Diary helps us to express our feelings and achievements of the day;
that also assists us to become a better person for the next day.

That's all from my side. I again wish the community to celebrate the second anniversary of the diary game.

Stay blessed, happy, and healthy always.

I would like to invite @lother68, @piudey and @sampabiswas for the contest.


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You are right with All your points of view, is a very good way to see how other people from different cultures live and eat, sometimes is different even at the same country so worldwide is so much better, greetings, I liked your post

Your experience is wonderful. I have learned a lot from The diary game. I make some mistakes in life. I understand that I have made a mistake. Because I do not write them in words. He always leaves unfinished. What have I done in The diary game from the beginning of my day till the end. I get this experience from here. Brings a new dawn for me. It happens for some time. The ones you can't see again. But you can see that moment from The diary game. Thank for sharing @sduttaskitchen

Hi @sduttaskitchen

It's great that you have also been able to share your thoughts and feelings in the diary. Like you, I think it's great to be able to provide motivation to others who read our diarys, and that they can find encouragement.

Sharing in the diary helps us to review the day, that's true, and to be a better person. I congratulate you for your good conclusions and for being willing to share.

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Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

Muchas personas tomaron el The diary game como una manera de decir todo lo que siente o todo lo que están pasando, acá podemos ver la vida de los usuarios desde diferentes aspectos amiga, al final del día escribimos estas líneas y recordar todo lo realizado.

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