Steemit Engagement Challenge: Meet my sporty side by @sahmie

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Greetings my respected friends in this remarkable community. I hope we are all wonderfully well and having an extraordinary day served with nice tidings in all ramifications of life.

This is my participation post for the "Meet my Sporty Side" contest hosted by @hive-193637

I like to invite @kinase, @five5 and @yangitu99, and any other persons who would like to participate too to CLICK HERE for more instructions.

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Greetings everyone, this is my participation post for the steem engagement contest "meet my sporty side." It is my pleasure to write to you guys about the sporty side of me. I love this topic as everyone here loves or knows at least one sport and has done at least one.

Today, I would be sharing with you guys this part of my life. Sport is an activity that is good for the human body, therefore we are encouraged to engage in sporting activities from time to time.

I have loved several sports ranging from track and field events with my favourites being High Jumps, Long Jumps, Javelin and football since my junior school days. I find joy in competing in school inter-house sports competitions to represent the school in other parts of the nation.



Like most male counterparts, I have my fair share of football moments. I played football for the love I have for the game, but when I got injured at a certain point, my parents stopped me from playing. These days, I only go to the sports complex every Saturday morning to watch others play, while I do jogging and running on the tracks and carry out minor exercises like stressing and cooldowns.




IMG_20220806_072749 (1).jpg

Even though I am banned from playing football, one sport I can not do without right now is swimming. After my exercise routines every Saturday, I go to the pool to cool down, swimming has always been a part of me since childhood as we grew up in the riverine area.






Whenever I find myself swimming in the pool or river, I feel free from the chaotic way of life. This singular act alone elevates my soul. I may not be a world-renowned swimmer like the famous Michael Phelps but I certainly can hold my ground. Swimming also tends to free not just my mind but also my muscles from cramps after having my run-outs and it certainly does help me relax.


Sport is a very good deal for your health, therefore learn to engage yourself, no sport is too small as they all help relieve us from stress and help keep us fit. It could be taking a walk or even just doing push-ups regularly. My dear friend's health is precious, thus engage in a sporting activity to help your health.



Thank you all for always making out time to go through my work, and I only hope you enjoyed it😉😁. I can never say thank you enough. You are my real MVPs.

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NOTE: Always have a smile on your face, as you are never fully dressed without one.


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This is really very exciting and admiring, seeing the fact that you engage in alot of sports. I so much love swimming, and I can say this is one of the most fun-filled sporty side.

Can't wait yiu to join me in the pool. Until then, thank you.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Seeing you engaging in so much sport so how much passion you have for it. Sorry about the injury that cost you from playing football. Swimming too is a very good sport too has it would help you develop your muscle and heart. Thank you for sharing, your sporty side is great.

It is my pleasure to see you took out the most expensive of every thing"time" to go through my work. Thank you, I very much appreciates.

You are welcome friend

Greetings my friend @sahmie

Athletics provides excellent disciplines where we can demonstrate our ability whether it is running, jumping or throwing, I'm glad you have achieved a good performance in this area. Sport is of great benefit to the body and mind.

Thank you for your participation

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Gracias por ser parte de la Comunidad Oficial Steem Venezuela, tu publicación ha sido recompensada por La cuenta Comunitaria @hive-193637 de la Comunidad Oficial Steem Venezuela.

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I love your choice of spot and more to that swimming is one of my favorite games...
I enjoy it and participate in it on almost all weekends 🥰

I can see why you enjoy it as I love it also. From one lover to another.

Hola hermano excelente conocer su lado deportivo en conocer esa parte que usted tanto práctica como el atletismo que siempre es bueno para la salud, y la natación ayuda en muchos problemas de salud.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Hello @sahmie friend, it is good to know that you practice various sports disciplines, this is great and interesting, by the way in Venezuela we have a great champion of the high jump and long jump, her name is Yulimar Rojas, maybe you have seen her on television.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yes, I have seen her during the 2020 Olympics. She's the world record holder for Triple jump.

I can see that you are a sporty person. The pictures of you swimming shows that you really love it. Sorry about your injury. I hope you will get well soon. There are a lot of benefits from being sporty. Congratulations in your entry

Thank you for your exemplary leadership. I am honoured you made out time to visit my work. Thank you.